CTSOs Engage Students: Educators Rising to the Challenge

The issue of teacher shortage and retention is an urgent concern today. Research shows that high classroom turnover has a negative impact on student achievement. Educators Rising works to address this problem by offering resources that integrate with CTE at the high school level.

Washington High School, in Phoenix, Arizona, is seeing sustained success through Educators Rising. Daniel Darrow, the teacher leading the program, says his students have blossomed. They graduate as “well-spoken young adults prepared to face the challenges of the teaching profession.” WHS has offered the WHS Education Professionals for 16 years with support from Educators Rising, formerly Future Educators of America, over the past eight. Workshops, competitions and other professional development events provide real-world experience for students exploring careers in education. READ MORE

Educators Rising

Educators Rising to the Challenge: Read Techniques February 2019 issue, page 30, to learn more.

To learn more about how CTSOs engage students in CTE, ACTE members can read the February 2019 issue of Techniques online today.