ACTE Awarded Grant for Growing a Postsecondary Leadership Success Program

May 24, 2021

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May 24, 2021

Contact: Jori Houck,

ACTE Awarded Grant for Growing a Postsecondary Leadership Success Program

Alexandria, VA— The Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) has been awarded support for the Growing Postsecondary Leadership Success Program at ACTE, Sponsored by ECMC Foundation. ECMC Foundation approved this grant in late April as part of the CTE Leadership Collaborative; funds will be used to support postsecondary practitioners known as ECMC Foundation Fellows (Fellows) and build a sustainable model for the Postsecondary Leadership Success Program (Program).


The Postsecondary Leadership Success Program at ACTE is a year-long fellowship designed to support current and aspiring postsecondary CTE leaders, as well as their institutions. Fellows are encouraged to establish and refine their goals in various leadership and management positions, while learning more about communication, collaboration, networking and problem solving. The focus of the program is to empower Fellows to hone their ability to facilitate institutional change, as they are asked to identify an issue, particularly addressing the needs of underserved groups, that they want to change. Over the course of the fellowship year, Fellows continually develop their Institutional Improvement Plans (with the support of their mentor and ACTE staff) and are invited to present their plans to other CTE leaders at ACTE’s CareerTech VISION each year.


ACTE recognized the importance of postsecondary CTE for the future workforce. As the United States is increasingly facing a deficit of skilled workers, the need to get additional people in and through postsecondary education and training has never been more necessary. The Postsecondary Leadership Success Program was built to start grassroots movements at the many postsecondary CTE institutions where the Fellows work. By participating in the Fellowship, Fellows receive support and guidance to make influential change surrounding postsecondary CTE. The goal of this new grant is to explore and build a model that will allow for the Association to continue to provide the program when ECMC Foundation funding sunsets. By continuing to offer a successful program, promoting it widely throughout the postsecondary community and working with a national advisory group and program alumni to consider new sustainable business models, the program will be well positioned to continue past its initial start-up funding.


ACTE launched its first cohort of 20 ECMC Foundation Fellows participating in the Postsecondary Leadership Success Program in 2019 and is currently facilitating their third cohort, which was announced this past March. Altogether, 39 Fellows from across the country have completed the program and made tangible contributions to their institutions. The Program provides professional and career growth opportunities to Fellows, many of which have received promotions or title changes due to their involvement. The Program also includes a research study to help determine what efforts best contribute to leadership development among postsecondary CTE professionals and the creation of resources that can be widely distributed to support others in the field.


About ACTE

The Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) is the nation’s largest not-for-profit association committed to the advancement of education that prepares youth and adults for successful careers. ACTE represents the community of CTE professionals, including educators, administrators, researchers, school counselors, guidance and career development professionals and others at all levels of education. ACTE is committed to excellence in providing advocacy, public awareness and access to resources, professional development and leadership opportunities.


About ECMC Foundation

ECMC Foundation is a Los Angeles-based, nationally focused foundation with a mission to inspire and to facilitate improvements that affect educational outcomes—especially among underserved populations—through evidence-based innovation. It is one of several affiliates under ECMC Group ( enterprise based in Minneapolis. ECMC Foundation makes investments in two focus areas: College Success and Career Readiness; and uses a spectrum of funding structures, including strategic grantmaking and program-related investments, to invest in both nonprofit and for-profit ventures. Working with grantees, partners and peers, ECMC Foundation’s vision is for all learners to unlock their fullest potential.


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