TIVA membership is an asset. As a TIVA member you can become a part of the establishment of standards and lobbying efforts for Career and Technical Education as well as creating opportunities for students, teachers and industry professionals. TIVA is a proactive force with a variety of programs to meet the professional needs of its members.

Member Benefits

There are many benefits of being a member of TIVA.  If you already know the benefits and want to join now just click on the link below.  If you would like more information please scroll down.

TIVA Attorney
Initial legal consultation to TIVA members regarding educational concerns.

TIVA Risk Accident Coverage
Included in your TIVA Membership dues.
Coverage:  Accidental death & dismemberment & paralysis
Eligibility:  All members participating and traveling to/from covered activities.
Benefit Amount:  $5,000
Additional Coverages Included:  Excess accident medical expense – $5,000 benefit/$50 deductible; Exposure and disappearance.

$2,000,000 Professional Liability Insurance Coverage
Annual Insurance Premium Included in Membership dues
Download Insurance Summary. A true professional liability policy protecting you from errors and omissions arising out of your duties as a professional educator, including defense costs; even if allegations are groundless, false, or frivolous. Download Policy

Policy Period: August 1 (or thereafter when membership is received at TIVA) through August 1 of the following year.

Corporal Punishment
Relevant sections of the policy make it clear that coverage applies ($2,000,000 limit plus defense costs) regardless of whether the act be deemed civil or criminal. Furthermore, the customary exclusion of “Intentional Acts” has been carefully worded to clarify that corporal punishment is covered.

Reimbursement of Attorney Fees
Reimbursement of attorney fees up to $5,000 per claim for employment rights situations such as criminal charges, allegations of sexual misconduct, or actions involving dismissal and other professional rights and duties. In some cases, the amount of attorney fee reimbursement is contingent on the member’s case prevailing. However, $1,500 (for consultation or otherwise) is reimbursed without regard to outcome.

Payment of Bail Bonds up to $1,000.
*This brief description of the policy is to provide information only to members and in no way alters or modifies the policy on file with the Association.

Awarded to CTE educators for continuing education and SkillsUSA-Texas students.

TIVA updates sent to members with news, trends and ideas that impact career and technical education. Legislative updates report key state and federal political issues effecting career and technical education.

Professional Development
Career advancement and a lifetime commitment to professional development are characteristics of the Career & Technical Educator. TIVA offers two professional development conferences (January and July). TIVA Members receive a valuable discount on all TIVA conference registrations.  The conferences are also open to non-members.  Attendees receive continuing education credit with the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC), hands-on occupational training through the support of business & industry, and may earn industry certifications/licensures.  Numerous “general” sessions are offered to make you a stronger CTE teacher and enhance your educational experience at our conferences.

Registration Discounts
Active Members of TIVA receive substantial discounts on all conference registrations.

Trade Shows
Maintain your state-of-the-art expertise by visiting the TIVA sponsored commercial exhibits at the annual summer professional improvement conferences.

Job Bank
Provides a much requested service that produces job opportunities between school districts and  CTE teachers.

Take advantage of numerous opportunities to meet with your peers and expand your circle of valuable contacts at TIVA sponsored activities.

TIVA Board of Directors interact with their peers, exchange information, receive advice and referrals, and gain knowledge and insight that helps members achieve their own goals and, in turn, help their students achieve theirs.  Cooperates with TEA, SkillsUSA, ACTE, SBEC, SBOE and program specific organizations to develop programs and activities that will enhance career and technical education.

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