Will You Be Prepared?

Over the last 5 years, my students have worked on several different anti-bully projects and worked with
students in grade 2nd- 8th. We started out with what is a bully and how to deal with one. Now our focus has turned and we are trying to teach a more positive avenue through friendship and good communication. My students feel that this will be more effective in the long run since we are working to be a “Leader in Me School”. We are teaching our students the “7 habits” in hopes of producing better leaders, not that we don’t have great kids, just wanting them to “sharpen their saw”.

Some of the measures we have in place are, I’m sure, like most schools; however we are always looking for ways to make our school safer. We have a program through the Sherriff’s department that rewards students with gift cards to Wal-mart for reporting issues. Also, our system has a Peer Mentoring Program that started this year to help with student conflict. Another suggestion I had for our administration was “Remind”, formally called Remind 101. This is an app teachers can use for their students and parents to send messages on a large scale. If we are in lock down, this would be an easy way for someone in the office to message all faculty and staff about what is going on. I use this app for my FCCLA members to remind them of deadlines, meetings, and projects. It is a great tool!

On bullying, we have a no tolerance policy; however it still happens and is not reported. We are a small school (K-12, 700 students) so we don’t have a huge problem with violence, however we do have an occasional fight. Most of our problems are what the kids call “drama”; he-said she-said kind of stuff. In the past we have had a couple of guest speakers about bullying. One that really left an impact was Brian Earley! He talks to the kids about the “power of one”. He was bullied and tells the story about this one person who was his friend and saved him from suicide. He is a very powerful speaker!

I feel that if a tragedy strikes, our faculty and staff will be prepared. Our kids will be able to cope because we are preparing them each day for this big world. Our students know that their teachers care for them and will be there to help them no matter what the tragedy.