CTE Month® 2019 and NASA HUNCH Video Challenge

About CTE Month and NASA HUNCH

ACTE and NASA HUNCH are excited to collaborate on this year’s student video challenge, celebrating career and technical education (CTE) and project-based learning programs. Empowering educators to deliver high-quality CTE programs that ensure students are positioned for career success, ACTE is host to the annual CTE Month awareness campaign held each February. HUNCH stands for High School Students United with NASA to Create Hardware and is looking to extend its message of empowering and inspiring students through project-based learning to CTE students across the nation. NASA HUNCH high schools offer students the opportunity to launch their careers through the participation in the design and fabrication of real world valued products for NASA.

About the Video Challenge

Purpose: Offer students the opportunity to showcase the application of CTE and project-based learning programs in high-demand 21st century career fields on earth as well as in space.

Goal: Inspire students by sparking their imagination and creativity as well as broadening their knowledge about STEM careers through the CTE Month and NASA HUNCH video challenge.

Video Challenge and Theme: Working Out of This World

  • Feature an imaginative or real future career, product or service that could be used on the International Space Station, an asteroid, the Moon, Mars, remote exploration and/or in other future space missions
  • Talk about essential skills the rising workforce will need to thrive in a space exploration project
  • Showcase a future scenario in outer space that incorporates CTE and/or project-based learning

The contest is open to high school students in any CTE or project-based (hands-on) class or program, or NASA HUNCH school. Students may enter as individuals or as a group.

Video Submission Guidelines

  • Deadline to submit your video is on the first day of CTE Month, February 1 at 11:59 p.m. EST.
  • Video entries must be 2 minutes or less in length including name of school, year (2019), and names of video creators and participants (credits)
  • Sound cannot be over 0 dBFS.
  • Entries must incorporate the CTE Month and NASA HUNCH logos
  • Entries must incorporate the following message, presented as text on-screen and/or spoken by talent: “Learn more about career and technical education at ctemonth.org and NASA HUNCH at nasahunch.com
  • Videos must be a minimum video resolution of 1280 x 720 format, or an audio independent format (e.g., Instagram square composition).
  • Participants must submit a signed copy of the Talent Release Form from each participant whose image or voice is used in the video. The password to access the form is HUNCHTALENT. On the first screen where it reads “HUNCH Program associated with your class,” check “Video/Media (HUNCH-ACTE Collaborative Program).” Students under 18 must have a parent or guardian sign the form as well, which will require a parent’s email.
  • To submit your video, email the YouTube or Vimeo link (with any necessary passwords) to videochallenge@acteonline.org and provide a phone number, email and mailing address for at least one contact (recommend educator with school mailing address).
  • Entries that contain music or other copyrighted media must be accompanied by proof that entrants have the expressed permission of the original copyright holder. The following are examples of appropriate proof:
    • The name of the song along with the receipt from the school’s purchase of the song
    • A link to the website or Youtube video featuring the song
    • A signed letter or form stating that the music was created by a student in Garage Band or another program and that the student has given permission for the music to be used royalty free

Please note: ACTE and NASA HUNCH retain the copyright on any submitted material and reserve the right to use the material in any way or format they see fit. Entries cannot be used for any commercial activity.

Winning Videos

ACTE and NASA HUNCH will announce first, second and third place winners during CTE Month on February 25.

  • NASA HUNCH will award the top three winners flown HUNCH patches (flown on the International Space Station!) with plaques
  • ACTE will award the school with the first place student or team $500; second-place student or team $250; third-place student or team $125

Winning videos will be:

  • Promoted on ACTE’s CTE Month webpage, in ACTE News, in Techniques magazine, via ACTE’s social media channels and in other ACTE’s communication channels.
  • Shared with ACTE members, NASA HUNCH schools, at HUNCH Recognition Ceremonies, the CTE community and the general public during CTE Month.

Who Will be Judging My Video?

  • ACTE will provide the first round of judging and narrow submissions down to the top 10.
  • NASA HUNCH and ACTE will judge the top 10 and narrow selections down to the top 5.
  • ACTE’s Board of Directors and administrators at NASA’s Johnson Space Center will rank the top 5 with the three highest scoring entries as the winners of the video challenge.

Video Tips and Resources

Winning videos for NASA HUNCH and CTE Month 2019 Video Challenge should strive to:

  • Engage and inform about CTE and project-based learning
  • Show that CTE and project-based learning leads to successful careers
  • Show the role of CTE and project-based learning in a strong national economy
  • Show how space exploration benefits the people on earth as well as those in space

The following links have hundreds of NASA videos that you can use the footage from:

To view past videos, visit:

For more information or questions about submissions, please contact Julia O’Brien at jobrien@acteonline.org or 703-683-9377, or Florence Gold, Ed.D. at florence.v.gold@nasa.gov or 406-690-2661.