Communicating With the Media


There are many great ways for you to tell your story about the innovation and leadership in your CTE classrooms during CTE Month.

(Please note that the term “CTE Month” or “Career and Technical Education Month” must be followed by the trademark sign (®) the first time it appears in a document or visual presentation.)

Hold an event such as a press conference, proclamation signing, or school visit, and invite local newspapers, television stations, and radio stations to attend. For any of these events, you can use this sample press release template to craft your own press release. You may utilize our CTE Month logo in the letterhead of your press release, and for other CTE Month-related purposes as well. Please email us to let us know if you plan to use our logo or press release.

Create a press kit to provide your event attendees with ready-to-use facts and figures about your program and the impact you are making in your community! Press kits typically are housed in a two-pocket folder, and contain basic information about your program, a tip sheet or some facts about CTE, a news release for an event if relevant and a business card for your program’s media or public outreach contact. Below are some resources you can download to start your kit.

Be sure to include CTE Month Merchandise such as pens or notepads in your press kit, as well as items such as ACTE’s sector sheets.

Visit our Social Media Advocacy page for tips on how to contact the media or policymakers through Facebook, Twitter, and other sites.

Visit our Targeting the Media page for information on how to become a trusted media source, develop a media distribution list, and communicate with a newspaper or website’s editorial board.