Who is in Charge Here?!

I was able to participate at our Indiana ACTE Conference on Sept. 20 as a symposium presenter. My presentation was on the leadership opportunities offered through ACTE. My presentation was at 4:00 p.m. and I only had about 10 people present. I would have liked more, but you work with what you have. I was privileged to have Doug Major, ACTE President, attending my presentation. It did make me a little nervous, but I soon got over that!

I began my presentation with why it is important to be a leader in your school, your community of peers, your students and your professional organization on a state, regional and national level. I then gave them insights on how to learn the skills needed to become a leader. A part of the presentation also spoke on what an affiliate is why they are important. This topic then leads into becoming a leader in the state ACTE organization. I talked on the ways the information can be found and who they needed to talk to.

As I progressed through my presentation, I went on a tour through the history of ACTE, Carl Perkins and the different legislative acts that have led to the federal support of CTE. I mentioned when ACTE got its beginnings and what those federal acts have led to. I also mentioned how our Perkins funding steadily has decreased since 2012. The importance of the National Policy Seminar and what it entailed was discussed, with my encouragement being added to become more involved in the political process that helps keep us funded.

I ended my presentation with a description of the Fellowship program, its purpose and what it entails. I provided each of my participants a handout with the PowerPoint and materials on the history of ACTE, CareerTech VISION, the Fellowship Program and how to become a member in general. There were a few questions by the audience that I addressed at the end. I felt it was a productive presentation and was complemented by my preparation and thoroughness. I really enjoyed sharing what I have learned and I hope have inspired others to become more involved.