What do you think will be a big part of Career Development in the future?

Career Development in the future is going to be centered around technology and the different uses of technology. CTE courses need to stay current with the technologies developed for a variety of careers. In the culinary industry there is equipment you can program to cook dishes perfectly for 1000 guests. In the automotive industry technology is advancing rapidly around digital mechanics. In order to make our students competitive in their future careers CTE programs need to be prepared to also adapt to the growing use of technology. 

 Career development for the future will also revolve around career industry leaders partnering with schools to develop a work force that is trained in not only the adapting technology but also in soft skills. Career industry leaders are realizing the need for partnerships between high school programs, training  programs, colleges and the work force. Career development is a community endeavor that takes all stake holders participation and career development in the future will continue with strong professional advisory committees. Career development in CTE has a strong and bright future. Exciting things are happening in CTE and the continued commitment of the teachers and partners alike hold the keys to helping students succeed in their chosen fields.