Volunteer Opportunities

Share your voice! Make an impact at the national level!

The value you receive from being an active, engaged volunteer leader in ACTE:

  • leadership development
  • directly influence the direction of the Association
  • build your professional resume and experience
  • network with other leaders in the CTE field
  • further the work of securing funding for CTE

The value the CTE field receives from your volunteer work:

  • quality leadership
  • timely, informed direction on pressing issues facing CTE
  • progress toward securing funding for CTE
Volunteer Opportunity? Summary? Time Commitment? Duration of Commitment? More Details and Sign Up? Deadlines?
ACTE Board of Directors The ACTE Board of Directors is responsible for establishing the direction of the Association, being aware of the needs of the members, prospective members and external stakeholders, and allocating the resources of the Association in alignment with the strategic direction. Please click here for a summary of Board responsibilities. 3-year term. 2012 Board of Directors Election Applications are due June 15, 2011.
Advocacy Work Washington Contacts Network, Ambassadors Network, policy task forces, meeting with policymakers. Various. Please check the Public Policy Web site for additional information. Various. Policy and Advocacy. Please check the Public Policy Department Web site.
Fellowship Coordinator Lead ACTE’s leadership development program. Monthly conference calls with Fellows, attend NPS and CareerTech VISION meetings, planning logistical items, reviewing portfolios, mentoring Fellows. 2-year term. ACTE Fellowship Program Applications will be accepted again in Fall 2012.
Fellowship Program Participate in ACTE’s leadership development program. Monthly conference calls, attend NPS and Convention meetings, develop Fellows Portfolio. 1 calendar year. ACTE Fellowship Program Applications are due Fall 2012.
Leadership Training Program The Leadership Training Program is designed to assist current and emerging state leaders with association management. Sessions feature a variety of speakers discussing general leadership topics, as well as respected ACTE members addressing the nine standards of the Quality Association Standards Award. This program is ideal for those interested in future state association leadership. Four session will be held over the course of two years, covering two or three criteria per session. Each session will take place before or after a national ACTE event. 2 years. Leadership Training Program The deadline for emerging leaders has passed for 2012.Current leaders may register a week prior to each event.
Online Media Help build ACTE’s social media presence. Semi-monthly participation in an ACTE online community. Various. E-Media Rolling.
Practitioner-in-Residence Work with ACTE on a project to contribute to the CTE profession. 3-6 months. 3-6 months. Practitioner-in-Residence Rolling.
Scholar-in-Residence Use your sabbatical to work with the ACTE staff on a research project or other area of scholarly study. 3-6 months at ACTE Headquarters 3-6 months. Scholar-in-Residence Rolling.
Standing Committees and Task Forces Committees and Task forces are established by the Board of Directors to address specific issues of importance to ACTE. Committees meet in person at CareerTech VISION and a few times during the year via conference call; term length is two years. Task forces meet via conference call and Webinars for as long as it takes to complete the task force’s mission. Committees have 2-3 year terms. Task forces usually take several months. ACTE Committees and Task Forces Committee appointments are due by July 1, 2012. Task force appointments are accepted on an ongoing basis as needed.
Techniques Author Write an article for Techniques. ? ? Writing for Techniques Please check the Techniques Web site; deadlines vary according to magazine issue.