Three Distinct Leadership Growth Opportunities

By: Coleen Keffeler

For those interested in learning more about leadership or enhancing their leadership skills, ACTE offers Coleen_Keffeler.upgthree distinct, outstanding opportunities for professional growth.

  • 21st Century Leadership Institute
  • ACTE Fellowship Program
  • ACTE Leadership Training Program

Each opportunity offers a unique occasion for leadership growth and development.

A joint project of ACTE and Meeder Consulting, the 21st Century Leadership Institute focuses on leadership in the career and technical education field. Participation in the institute provides one the opportunity to develop leadership skills and discuss cutting-edge best practices and research while strengthening personal leadership skills and building community connections. Led by Hans Meeder, Executive Director, 21st Century Leadership Institute, and former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Education in the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Vocational and Adult Education, participants have the chance to discuss, analyze and apply current education trends and data while creating dialogue with respected leaders and speakers from the education field. Participants meet at the annual ACTE Convention and the Internal Center for Leadership in Education’s annual Model Schools Conference; participants also attend either ACTE’s National Policy Seminar or the National Career Pathways Network Conference. Webinars, conference calls and discussion forums are ongoing throughout the year to insure the goals of the Institute as well as personal goals are met.

The ACTE Fellowship Program is a yearlong program offered to one member from each of ACTE’s five Regions. Interested members apply through their respective Region Vice President. Currently serving as the Fellowship Coordinator, Dr. Belinda McCharen is an associate professor and the Francis Tuttle Endowed Chair for Occupational Education Studies at Oklahoma State University. The Fellowship Program is geared towards individuals with a desire to not only develop their leadership skills but also to become more familiar with and participate in the processes used by policymakers in the development and implementation of laws, regulations and other public polices at the local, state and federal levels. Responsibilities and expectations of Fellows are broken down into three categories: leadership development, public policy and professional development. Fellows hold face-to-face meetings at the ACTE National Policy Seminar and the ACTE Annual Convention; Fellows are also encouraged to attend their respective Region conference. Monthly conference calls and forum discussions are held to assist Fellows in meeting the expectations of the program. At the end of the year, Fellows have a professional portfolio documenting all of their work throughout the year. They are also given the opportunity to mentor the next class of Fellows.

The ACTE Leadership Training Program is designed to assist current and emerging state leaders with association management. The program is offered over two years with sessions held at the ACTE Annual Convention and the ACTE National Policy Seminar. The program sessions feature a variety of speakers discussing general leadership topics as well as respected ACTE members addressing the nine standards of the Quality Association Standard award. Participants will apply the information learned to a case study as well as participate in a forum discussion between sessions. One $500 stipend per state is available to emerging leaders signing a Memorandum of Understanding. A current state leader is required to attend as a mentor to the emerging leader. States are not limited to the number of participants; however, only one emerging leader stipend is available per state. The ACTE Leadership Development Task Force is pursuing additional sponsorships as well as the option of offering continuing education units to participants.

Individuals interested in the three opportunities in leadership development should check out the links above for more details and application forms. 

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