The Benefits of Internships at Small Companies = Win Win!

Leonard Williams

Internships and apprenticeships have many benefits for the students participating.  These opportunities Leonard Williams88
extend the learning opportunities of the students.  Edgar Dale's Cone of Learning indicates that direct purposeful experiences leads to a higher learning retention.  Students in the workplace with older mentors not only learn and hone their skills, they also learn the "secrets" of completing a job on time and with precision.  Through this opportunity, students experience success and realize self worth. 

Students begin establishing a work history in these programs.  Many are retained after graduation from high school with the company assisting with college tuition. 

The best place for the students is in smaller companies that support the larger industries in the area.  These companies are usually privately owned.  Since these companies are usually family owned the facility could be considered their second home.  Which one must remember when placing students.  Do not place students in these companies that you would not invite into your own home.  These folks are not there to rehabilitate students with criminal histories or a history of truancy. 

Smaller companies allow the students to work in many areas on many different projects .  Usually they are not running low skill assembly lines. The learning, through work based learning, requires the student to learn to think and plan.