South Dakota Association for Career & Technical Education

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Kelly Dunkelberger

Welcome Letter from the President

Kelly Dunkelberger
2023-2024 SDACTE President

I am honored to be writing this message as your 2023-2024 SDACTE President.  School is in full swing, and this time of year makes me smile and remember why I got into teaching.  The students are so full of energy and want to be a part of everything.  They are so eager to learn and they are willing to try all the new activities that you throw at them and they do it with such excitement.  This has always helped me to keep my momentum going even through the first few weeks of school when I feel like I am consistently taking one step forward and two steps back!!  It was great to see everyone at the SDACTE conference and hopefully everyone was able to network and gather the material they needed to help kick start their school year. Read full letter

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