South Dakota Association for Career & Technical Education

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Welcome Letter from the President

SDACTE Fellow Members and Friends of SDACTE:

I am proud to be representing our organization for the 21-22 association year. Education is alive in a time of transformation, and we are experiencing change at a pace that has been previously unknown to teachers. The unknown is scary, but it is so exciting!

Our job as career and technical educators is to prepare our workforce for tomorrow, but what does tomorrow look like? We are having to find new ways to keep pace with what we think is coming instead of what we know is coming. Preparing students for a world that we have no idea what it looks like, while constantly being asked to punt and reverse direction. I find it invigorating, but it can be harrowing, and it IS hard work. Being a part of the Association of Career and Technical Educators gives you an advantage in this new challenge. We have built the partnerships and connections to better prepare ourselves for the future and our members are better because of it.   Read full letter

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