Region I Operating Policies


  1. The name of this organization shall be Region I of the Association of Career and Technical Education (ACTE). Region I is comprised of the following 16 states affiliates: Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Federal Department of Education, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont and West Virginia.


  1. To support the efforts of the ACTE state associations in providing educational leadership in the development of a competitive work force.


  1. To foster involvement of membership in Region I activities.
  2. Cultivate organizational leadership.
  3. Advocate workforce development.
  4. Emphasize professional development.
  5. Promote a collaborative network of communication.


  1. All ACTE members who hold membership in a Region I ACTE affiliate shall be members.


  1. The Regional Vice President
    1. Function: The vice president shall preside at all meetings of Region I and represent the Region on the ACTE Board of Directors in accordance with the ACTE Bylaws and will serve as chairperson of the Region’s Policy Committee. The vice president will be responsible for implementing the general purposes of the Region. The vice president will orient new policy committee members as to their duties, responsibilities and the Region I operating policies.
    2. Term of Office: The vice president shall serve a three-year term. In the event of a vacancy, the ACTE Board of Directors is empowered to fill said office until procedures in the ACTE Bylaws can be followed to elect a vice president for the unexpired term.
    3. Qualifications:
      1. Must have shown interest in ACTE through sustained membership in their Region I affiliate.
      2. Must have demonstrated active leadership in their Region I affiliate.
      3. Must have time available to devote to the performance of duties of vice president.
      4. Must have commitment and understanding of career and technical education and to the total ACTE program.



  1. Vice President: When the Region is eligible to elect a vice president, the current vice president shall seek nominations from the Region I ACTE affiliates and from individual members of the Region. The vice president shall ask the state association presidents through their publications to notify members that nominations are being received.
    The vice president, with the approval of the Region I Policy Committee, shall appoint a nominating committee, which will review all nominations and recommend to the Region Business Meeting during CareerTech VISION two nominees for vice president. Additional nominations may be made from the floor during the Region I Business Meeting, providing such nominees have been interviewed by the Regional Nominating Committee and are approved by a majority of the members at the Regional meeting. The vice president shall inform the ACTE Nominating Committee of the nominees in accordance with the ACTE Nominating Committee Guidelines.
  2. President-Elect of ACTE: When the Regions are eligible to nominate a president-elect, the Regional vice president shall ask the president of each of the Region I ACTE affiliates to submit nominations for consideration as president-elect, according to the ACTE Bylaws. Nominations can be made by either a Region I ACTE affiliate or any individual member of the Region. The affiliated state and territorial associations, through their publications, would notify members that nominations are being received and will be considered for recommendation to the ACTE Nominating Committee. The vice president, with the consent of the Region I Policy Committee, will appoint a Nominating Committee, which will receive all nominations and recommend nominees for president-elect to the ACTE Nominating Committee.


  1. Policy: It shall be the responsibility of the vice president of the Region to submit to the Region I Policy Committee members and the ACTE executive director report/minutes of Policy Committee meetings, ad hoc committee meeting reports and other activities within the Region within 45 days after each meeting. An annual report must be submitted to the executive director by the date indicated in ACTE Guidelines. (Refer to “Guidelines for Submitting Division and Regional Annual Reports” in the Operating Policies of the ACTE Board of Directors.)
  2. Procedures:
    1. The Region I vice president will develop and submit an annual report to the executive director of ACTE.
      1. The Annual Report will contain the following items:
        1. Strategic priorities for Region I.
        2. Vice president activities.
        3. Committee report (each chairperson is responsible for getting this report to the vice president at the Region I Business Meeting).
        4. Conference and meetings
        5. Other items concerning the Region and/or required by ACTE


      2. A copy of this report will be mailed or given to the Region I Policy Committee members.



  3. The Region I vice president will be responsible for developing a Region I Directory each year. The Region I Directory will include all the state association officers and the Policy Committee of Region I.
    1. The Region I vice president will correspond with the state and territorial Associations through the officers in the Region I Directory.
    2. Communications items, such as:
      1. Conferences and meetings
      2. Report of Board meetings
      3. Resolutions and Bylaw changes, ACTE policy changes
      4. ACTE Annual Report, Region I committee reports, ACTE committee reports



  1. Purpose: The functions of the Policy Committee are:
    1. Serve as a liaison between their state and Region I.
    2. Participate actively in the development and implementation of the Region I Strategic Priorities, as stated in Article II in these Operating Policies.
    3. Facilitate a spirit of cooperation and communication within the state associations of Region I.
    4. Provide for state associations input in the development and implementation of Region I.
    5. Develop effective basis for membership and related services.
    6. Establish linkages between Region I Strategic Priorities and state associations strategic priorities.


  2. Meetings:
    1. The committee will meet two times per year: One meeting will be held at the time of CareerTech VISION. The other meetings may be called by the petition of the majority of the Policy Committee members.
    2. Partial support for travel will be provided to Policy Committee members based on budget allocations (excluding CareerTech VISION).
    3. Policy Committee members are expected to attend at least two meetings per year. Each state may designate an alternate to represent their state at the Policy Committee meeting in case of emergencies. If regular representation is not maintained by a state policy committee member, a replacement will be sought.
    4. Policy Committee members or their designees are the only voting members at Policy Committee meetings.


  3. Membership:
    1. The Policy Committee will consist of 16 members, each representing a different state of territorial affiliate, the Region I vice president and the immediate past Region I vice president. The Region I vice president will serve as chairperson; the immediate past Region I vice president will serve as vice chairperson.
    2. The state affiliate will appoint their representative to the Policy Committee pending approval of the ACTE Board of Directors. When a vacancy occurs, the vice president will consult with the state affiliate and the Policy Committee to select a new (or replacement) member for the Policy Committee.


  4. Term of Office:
    1. Members of the committee will serve a three-year term (as shown below) to commence on July 1 of the appropriate year.
      1. GROUP 1 (expires 2009, 2012, 2015)
        New Jersey
      2. GROUP 2 (expires 2010, 2013, 2016)
        District of Columbia
        New Hampshire
      3. GROUP 3 (expires 2011, 2014, 2017)
        Federal Department of Education
        New York
        Rhode Island
        West Virginia



  1. The Region vice president serves a chairperson of Region I.
  2. A vice chairperson (usually, the immediate past vice president) and a secretary shall be elected annually by and from the Policy Committee members.
  3. The vice chairperson shall preside at meetings in the absence of the Region vice president.
  4. The secretary shall keep accurate minutes of all Policy Committee meetings, Regional meetings/conferences, and Region I Annual Business Meeting and forward them to the Region vice president within 30 days. The secretary shall also send out correspondence and notices to Region I members of other related audiences as directed by the Region I vice president.


  1. The Executive Steering Committee will be composed of the vice president, vice chair, secretary, state conference coordinator, past vice president and Region I ACTE Professional Development Committee Representative.
  2. Region I committees: The vice president shall appoint committees as deemed appropriate to implement ACTE’s and Region I’s activities plan. Most of these committees will parallel those established and similar to ACTE.
  3. Recommendations for appointment to the ACTE Standing Committee will be made to the ACTE Board of Directors by Region I vice president with approval of the Policy Committee. If a vacancy should occur before a term expires, the Region I vice president, with the approval of the Policy Committee, will recommend an individual to fill the vacancy.


  1. During CareerTech VISION, the Region shall hold an official business meeting to:
    1. Approve minutes of the previous business meetings.
    2. Receive the Nominating Committee report.
    3. Receive a report from the vice president.
    4. Consider such action as requested by the ACTE Board of Directors.
    5. Review the ACTE and Region activity plan and establish procedures for implementation.
    6. Review proposed ACTE resolutions.
    7. Review proposed amendments/changes to ACTE Bylaws.
    8. Receive reports from ACTE and Region I committee chairpeople.
    9. Distribute Region I awards.
    10. Conduct other Regional business.
    11. Receive and approve the Region I Vice president nominations.


  2. Members of the Region present at a business meeting shall constitute a quorum.
  3. Robert’s Rules of Order, newly revised, shall be used as guidelines for conducting meetings.


  1. An annual budget request to finance proposed Region activities shall be submitted in writing to the ACTE executive director by the Region vice president no later than June 30, prior to the beginning of the new fiscal year. This budget request shall be approved by the Region Policy Committee prior to submission.
  2. The reimbursement policy of Region I will be consistent with the reimbursement policies of ACTE.


  1. Proposed changes of amendments to the operation policies should be submitted in writing to the Regional Vice president at least 90 days prior to CareerTech VISION.
  2. The Region vice president shall inform the members of the Policy Committee and the state presidents of the proposed amendments at least 15 days prior to the business meeting of the Region at CareerTech VISION.
  3. The proposed amendments shall be presented at the Region I Business Meeting at CareerTech VISION. Those amendments receiving a majority of votes cast shall be submitted immediately to the ACTE Board of Directors for confirmation prior to the close of CareerTech VISION. Unless the effective date is stated in the proposed amendments, the amendment(s) shall become effective immediately and be part of the official Region I Operating Policies.


  1. If any statements of policies included in this document are in conflict with the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws or Operating Policies of the Association of Career and Technical Education, such items are null and void.

Reviewed by Region I Policy Committee and Updated February 2012.

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