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Postsecondary Pathways Begin with Dual & Concurrent Enrollment Programs

Maricopa County in Arizona is setting a record-breaking pace as the fastest growing county in the U.S. for the past three years. Home to strong technical, health, aerospace, business and agricultural sectors, as well as low unemployment, competitive universities, affordable housing, and superb leisure and recreation options, it is no

Techniques Returns with A VISION of High-quality CTE

It's here! It's here! It's the happiest time of the year! A new school year brings a fresh start, new pens and crisp paper — and Techniques! For 2019–2020 Techniques returns with A VISION of High-quality CTE. As the premier event for career and technical education (CTE) professionals nationwide, ACTE’s CareerTech VISION 2019 is the

Teaching Strategy: Got 30 Seconds? Talk About It.

Career and technical education (CTE) students are asked to learn hundreds of new concepts and technical terms every year. How can CTE teachers know when their students have processed the learning correctly? How can we catch thinking errors when they occur? The answer is simple: Frequently check for understanding; challenge students with

Teaching Strategy: Start Strong! Captivate Students on Day One

Imagine you are a high school junior the morning of your first day at your new career tech center. Maybe you’ve enrolled in a half-day automotive, culinary, computer programming or health careers program. What do you envision? How do you hope the day will go? Do you hope to learn differently than you did in your traditional high

Changing Careers, Chasing a Dream

For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in the technical aspects of things. I loved understanding how things worked and I seemed to gravitate toward engines. Although this was a primary interest of mine, everyone always told me that I couldn’t be successful in that field; I was led to believe I needed to go to a four-year

EXCERPT: Instructional Coaching & Its Role in Career Development for CTE Teachers

What is an instructional coach? Quality teacher professional development is essential to the outcome of student achievement. In their careers, teachers must be challenged with new ideas in order to foster a classroom culture of student engagement. The instructional coach is an embedded professional development practitioner who helps

Cybersecurity: It’s Everyone’s Responsibility!

With so many things connected to the internet, we all need to be aware of the dangers. More and more devices are connected to the internet all the time, which means more entry points and vulnerabilities. To secure the many “internet of things” (IoT) connected devices is a major cybersecurity challenge. A cyberattack can take down an

CTE IN THE NEWS: Next Tech Showcase Highlights Student Achievement

The second annual Next Tech Student Showcase took place on Saturday, May 4 at the Carrboro Century Center, in Carrboro, North Carolina. More than 150 community members were guided by Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools (CHCCS) students through the use of various tech tools including virtual reality (VR), Spheros, MakeWonder coding robots,

CTE IN THE NEWS: Family, Career and Community Leaders of America Give Back

During the 2018–19 school year, The Twiggs County Comprehensive Middle High School partnered with The Fort Valley State University and its Extension Agent Terolyn Chaney to feed the community and conduct resume writing workshops. The FCCLA chapter and its advisor, TaQuila Thomas, and Chaney conducted several workshops throughout the

Teaching Strategy: Build Vocabulary with Jenga

In a given school year, CTE students are challenged to learn more than 200 technical terms. Learning these terms, however, is only the beginning. The art of teaching vocabulary lies in engaging students in conversations around technical vocabulary terms without them even realizing it. If you announce, “We are going to work on

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