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Dear Linda: Inclusion, Access, Equity & Diversity

Dear Linda, I am a new teacher completing my first year and I want to be sure I am providing lessons that include all students' individual needs. How can I promote equity while remote learning? Dear New Teacher, Congratulations on your first year of teaching. What a memorable year. Even under normal circumstances a teacher’s

E-learning Technical Vocabulary (Part 5): Connected Cards

Connected Cards is part five in an eight-part series on e-learning technical vocabulary systems. Read part one, part two, part three and part four. Metacognition is an amazing force in classroom instruction. When we compel students to think about their own thinking, they learn to reflect more deeply. Momentum grows as they begin to

COVID-19 Brought My Job to a Standstill

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has changed a lot in our world. Education has flipped on its head. We’re learning online, working from home, teaching remotely and, for many support staff, we’re left to question the validity of our jobs. What can an outreach coordinator do if there are no events? What can a pathway

E-learning Technical Vocabulary (Part 4): Refine and Define

Refine and Define is part four in an eight-part series on e-learning technical vocabulary systems. Read part one, part two and part three. Embrace complexity. Contemporary students need is critical literacy. Critical literacy empowers the reader to question the author’s perspective and motives (McLaughlin & DeVoogd, 2004).

CTE Students Make Their Voices Heard in Sticker Design Competition

The people have spoken! Two career and technical education (CTE) students at Nevada's Carson High School won first place in a local competition to design "I Voted" stickers. As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic closed schools, many graphic design students found themselves at home without access to standard software. Some students

E-learning Technical Vocabulary (Part 3): Forced Lab Conversations

This is part three in an eight-part series on e-learning technical vocabulary systems. Read part one and part two. When I first encountered professional development on the concept of disciplinary literacy, I thought, It’s made for CTE! Built on “the idea that literacy and text are specialized, and even unique, across the

Get Back to Basics: Strategies for Remote Learning in CTE

The transition to remote learning has left educators reeling. Being asked to design lessons, learn new technology, all while educating your own children and simultaneously trying to stay connected to family and friends in the middle of a pandemic is a herculean task. For career and technical education (CTE) teachers, the loss of balance

Dear Linda: How can CTE teachers integrate academics & challenge students while providing asynchronous remote learning?

Dear Linda, How can career and technical education teachers integrate academics while providing asynchronous remote learning? And in what ways can I increase the level of rigor for more advanced students? Thank you to Staci, from California, and Karen, from Rhode Island, for these great questions. Challenging students is always a

E-learning Technical Vocabulary (Part 2): Note Card Chunking

This is part two in an eight-part series on e-learning technical vocabulary systems. Read part one. Career and technical education (CTE) teachers have quickly adapted to leading lectures, discussion and question-and-answer sessions in virtual classrooms. They have replaced traditional learning environments for most of us. A lot has

E-learning Technical Vocabulary (Part 1): Annotation & Numbered Heads

Are you searching for ways to increase student participation in your virtual classroom sessions? We might have an answer for you. Consider e-learning sessions from the student lens. Some students have video and some only have audio, which can inhibit full participation. Also keep in mind that most of us are new to the e-learning world

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