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Addressing the Skilled Trades Skills Gap

In Durham, like across the country, we are facing a crisis in the skilled trades.  Many of our skilled workers are aging out at a faster rate than new

Lifelong Learning Competencies

College and Career Ready Definition: “Students are considered college and career ready when  they have the knowledge, skills, and academic preparation

Utilizing Time Away to Understand Team Dynamics

The things we’ve learned about our co-workers during this time of remote work range from knowing whether your teammates own a desk or prefer to work

Transitioning To Post-Secondary Transitions That Make Sense

The transition from the familiar walls of high school to the unfamiliar greens of a college or university can be both an exciting and confusing/scary time

Mastering Appreciation

In times of stress, reflecting on the people in your life can bring you to positive spirits. Most of us in education have some way of reflecting back;

Learn about Bitmoji Classrooms!

Professional Organization Membership, Engagement, and Leadership

One of the greatest assets to any educator, especially administrators, is membership in our professional organizations. For Career Technical Education, in

Make Plans to Attend ACTE’s CareerTech VISION!

CareerTech Vision is the place to be for professional development, learning about and purchasing the newest software, equipment, supplies, and networking.

An Education In Grace

We have all had weeks that began seemingly normal, but ended anything but…however I think that we can all attest to the fact that the week of March 9,

Beyond Pedagogy in the CTE Classroom

Gliding seamlessly from traditional teaching models to semi-remote to completely remote teaching requires schools and teachers to understand more than the

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