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Leading Remotely: The Power of Teams

Responding to COVID-19 – as a central office Administrator – has been one of the most rewarding, yet, introspective experiences of my career. As a

Professional Development – ACTE CareerTech VISION

Ongoing, strategic professional development is the most important thing a CTE teacher or administrator can do. Teaching can be a very isolating activity,

Water Works

We are passionate about the subjects that we teach. We go to workshops, attend PD, go to conferences, and interact with industry in the subjects we teach.

How Can Administrators Help Alleviate Teacher Burnout?

When talking to almost any new teacher about their first years in the teaching profession, a similar topic arises: stress.  New teachers are struggling

Career Development is a Process

Let’s think about this.  A career is something to which most people will devote around forty years of their life.  It not only provides individuals

How VISION has impacted my career!

I have been fortunate enough to attend three VISION conferences- all fantastic experiences.  I often find myself getting lost in the keynote messages and

CTE in the Pandemic

Teaching in general has been a challenge in general, but this couldn’t be truer than for CTE teachers. As we all know, CTE courses should be hands on

What is the biggest challenge you face to get students excited about CTE?

When you hear the following three letters what is your first thought?  CTE     For me, I immediately think about career and technical education but for

Addressing the Skilled Trades Skills Gap

In Durham, like across the country, we are facing a crisis in the skilled trades.  Many of our skilled workers are aging out at a faster rate than new

Lifelong Learning Competencies

College and Career Ready Definition: “Students are considered college and career ready when  they have the knowledge, skills, and academic preparation

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