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Why do you think it is important to continue Professional Development throughout your career?

Have you ever worked for a company that didn’t offer professional development?  I’ve worked for multiple school districts and for private businesses

Professional Development

As CTE educators, we are no strangers to workforce development. The very programs we create and administer are meant to prepare students for their new

Engaging Industry Partners During a Shutdown

Industry partnerships are vital to a truly successful Career and Technical Education program. Industry leaders have a grasp on workforce needs, industry

Drive by Daniel Pink

Drive by Daniel Pink is a best-selling book that offers transformative lessons for CTE professionals. In it, Pink points out that there are three types of

Medical Future

 As a Career Tech Ed Medical Program teacher I am always watching changes in medical trends and emerging technologies being used. Unfortunately education

Share the Impact of CTE

The world stands still in situations like COVID-19. For many years to come, it will be easy to remember the negatives; toilet paper shortages, minimal

Bitmoji Counselor’s Office

Have you seen the Bitmoji classrooms or Bitmoji office spaces that have been sweeping the #edchats on Twitter in education Facebook groups and helping

Don’t feel like you have to go this alone

In the midst of changes that are occurring on a global scale in education, career and technical education is in the middle of its own transition from the

How do students in your community find our about CTE?

How do students find out about the Career and Technical Education opportunities in your community? What programs of study does your school district offer?

Average or Excellent?

Which would you rather be? Average or excellent? It is a simple question, yet one with profound impact. Most of us would say that we want excellent, but

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