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Increasing Participation, Engagement, and Excitement for CTE

As we start CTE Month, I begin to reflect on what we are doing to increase CTE participation, engagement, and excitement.  I am also looking at how to

Career Guidance Award Winner

As the National ACTE Career Guidance Award winner, the past 2 years have left me touched, humbled and reinvigorated for all I do.

The journey to this

Awards Process

Hey everyone! As the 2019 Teacher of the Year, Educators in Action wanted me to share with you about the awards process. I hope this encourages some of

Fish! A Remarkable way to boost Morale and improve results By Stephen C. Lundin, PH.D. Harry Paul, and John Christensen

Team morale in any industry is an important part of any organization.  In the event that morale is low in an organization employees are going to be less

A Resource for Understanding Character Traits

A large part of leadership is understanding, reflecting on and enhancing your personal character traits, as well as those of your employees and potential

Preparing for the Road Ahead

What a wonderful time to be in CTE! We as educators have the opportunity to prepare students for the future. It can be exciting and scary at the same

The Art of Listening

The end of the school year is rapidly approaching, which means the midway point of the 2018 ACTE Fellowship is on the horizon.  It has been an amazing

Elementary and Middle School Career Development

It is very important to start career exploration at an early age for students to start thinking about career development. The conversations need to happen

Top Notch Teachers

Recent studies have shown that less than one out of three U.S. workers feel that they receive adequate recognition or praise for their work. Further, the

Career Pathways and Dreams: Necessary and Sufficient for Success and Told in the Words of Career and Education Graduates

In preparation for my presentation at the NYS Joint Career and Technical Educator conference in late June, I am struggling to express to my audience, in

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