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Building ACTE in Maine

On May 8, 2013 a group of like-minded individuals met to begin establishing an ACTE state association for Maine. We were fortunate to be able to hold our

Building a New Maine ACTE

Carol was involved in this presentation at the 2013 Maine CTE Conference.
Our panelists, led by Dave Keaton, presented the work we have done

Building a Program for Other Educators

Hi! My name is Sandra Bradshaw, and I'm ACTE's most currentEducator-in-Residence.
The ACTE Educator-in-Residence Program provides opportunities

Can You Hear Me Now?

I had the opportunity to speak at a workshop for CTE instructors on July 17. I was asked to briefly talk on the benefits of membership in ACTE and the

Region Conferences are More than Worth It

I attended our Region III Conference on June 19-21 in East Peoria, Illinois, with my fellow Indiana state officers. It was my first Region III

Being a Connected Educator- Skyping with Future Ag Educators

Tuesday, I had the opportunity to meet with future agriculture teachers who are nearing the end of their college experiences at Virginia Tech, Penn State

Agriculture- It’s More than Farming

I am thoroughly excited that our high school agricultural program made the news with the article "Northern Burlington High School agriscience program

The Powers the Be

I just came from a meeting with my state senator, Greg Taylor, about CTE and ways that he and our senate can support us. It was a very good meeting

Advocating for Career Pathways

A couple of years ago, our department of education began to fervently push ahead for Career Pathways. At the time, my program, Advanced Life Science:

Graduation and Reflection

The school year has come to an end. Every May, I reflect back upon my year and evaluate my performance and influence. Four seniors left my program this

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