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My Mentor Finds Me

Strange how we go about our daily lives thinking we know everything. We go to school or work every day filling up our brains with knowledge and

Mentor Interview: Shawn Freie

Today, I would like to speak a little about an amazing ambassador, and current President, for the Post-Secondary Adult Career Education (PACE) Division in

Past Fellow Mentor Interview – Gina Riggs

Gina Riggs grew up in New Orleans, LA.  At age 19, while working as a Hertz Rental Car agent, Gina was asked by a friend, who was a firefighter &

Mentor Interview

I have the distinction of being assigned a mentor that has developed a real understanding of leadership in career and technical education- Miss Carrie

Dawn Lindsley, Assistant CTE Director at the Nebraska State Department of Education

I recently had the opportunity to video call with Dawn Lindsley, Assistant CTE Director for the Nebraska State Department of Education. She has been a

CTE Stigma: A Barrier to Advancing Access

If you ask a student or parent with direct Career and Technical Education (CTE) experience to describe CTE, you are likely to hear comments like:

Past Fellow Mentor Interview: Mr. Patrick Biggerstaff

Thoughts rushed through my head as I processed with both concern and joy as to what Patrick was explaining to me over the phone from his school office in

The Good First Impression

Mr. Tommy Hamilton practices what he preaches.  In a telephone interview, I was able to understand and connect with his passion for his program and his

Becoming a Fellow….What in the world am I doing?

When I started the journey to become an ACTE Fellow, I knew little about what it would entail.  I was excited to begin but then this feeling came over me

5 Things to Know About Kimberly Mitchell, Past Region II ACTE Fellow

 Talladega isn’t just the home of a NASCAR track, part of the title of a Will Ferrell movie, or the subject of an Eric Church song.  It’s the

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