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ACTE’s online seminars are available to members as a professional development resource, and cover a variety of CTE topics. If you would like to become an ACTE member to have access to our latest online seminars, please visit our joining ACTE page. Check out one free online seminar by clicking here

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Classroom Innovations

The Ultimate Learning Experience: Impacting Student Outcomes Using Virtual Reality
Learn how Director of CTE at St. Lucie Public Schools, Michael Cabernia used his Perkins funding to engage both students and teachers by implementing virtual reality in the classroom.

Girls Who Code: Summer Immersion Program
Girls Who Code is the national non-profit that works to inspire, educate, and equip girls with the computing skills to pursue 21st century opportunities.

Expand Your CTE Programs with Blended Learning
Join FuelEducation to discuss how schools and districts can expand offerings by using an online component within their CTE programs. Don’t miss a demo of their Career Readiness Pathways courses too.

Flipped Classroom
What is a “flipped classroom” and how can your students benefit from it? Learn how to transform any CTE classroom into a flipped classroom.

Middle School

Open to members and non-members.

Career Exploration in Middle School Webinar — CTSO’s and Work-based Learning
Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs) and Work-based Learning are vital components of an effective CTE program. In this webinar, Sam Rise, a robotics teacher from Federal Way, Washington, discusses why these extended learning opportunities are important, some examples of them, and how they fit into a Middle School CTE course. Watch the webinar.

Career Exploration in Middle School Webinar — Introductory CTE Courses & Academic Planning
Through career exploration and introductory CTE courses, middle school students have the opportunity to gain career readiness skills as well as learn more about who they are as individuals. Project based learning and connecting academic content in the context of CTE is a critical component of the middle school experience. This webinar will dive into examples of these elements of the ACTE white paper on middle school. Watch the webinar.

Career Exploration in Middle School Webinar — Career Exploration and Employability Skills
Join Raven Ivey, CTE instructor for Admiral Moorer Middle Schoo in Eufaula, Alabama, as she focuses on career exploration and employability skills in a middle school setting. Three main objectives will guide this series: discover how to teach soft skills, consider the value of curriculum, and explore opportunities for extended learning. Watch the webinar.

Middle School CTE Classroom Management: Enhancing the Learning Experience
Dr. Minichino breaks down the various methods of classroom management that can engage students and enhance CTE curriculum. This seminar also provides lesson plans customized for each “learning area” featured in the presentation. (ACTE Members only)

Education and Career Connections

High Quality CTE Programs of Study — Career and Technical Student Organizations
Join Deonna Anderson, engineering teacher at Franklin Technology Center in Joplin, Missouri, as she discusses the value of career and technical student organizations in every CTE program.

High Quality CTE Programs of Study — Business and Community Partnerships
Join Donna Gilley, director of career and technical education in Nashville, Tennessee, as she discusses business and community partnership structures, how to ensure CTE programs align with the workforce and different ways businesses and communities can partner with CTE programs.

Never too Early to Start
Join Patrick Cain on how it’s never too early to start simulated workplace and live work and learn some of the things they do in their pre-k program. Also be sure to check out his article, WeeCat Industries: Educating the Future, in the March 2018 issue of Techniques.

Grow Your Own Tree: Tools for Career Readiness, Exploration and Evaluation
Grow your own TREE with Eastern New Mexico University professor Cindy Miller. Learn about career awareness, development and how to aid in decision making. Cindy offers great resources on career development for all grades.

Employability for Your Students
Join author Danny Rubin and learn how to teach your students the art of setting up a networking meeting, crafting a LinkedIn profile, reaching out to employers and much more.

Construction Career Pathways
By the year 2020, the construction industry will be facing a deficit of over 1 million skilled craft professionals. This webinar highlights the craft areas in highest demand, what credential companies are looking for, pathways that lead to successful construction careers, and how to make industry-education connections.

Authentic Project-Based Learning in Career and Technical Education
There’s a crucial need to authentically align our classroom instruction to the needs of workforce development, higher education and the community. Jorge Valenzuela discusses how Project-Based Learning (PBL) can prepare CTE students for college and the workforce.

Education for All Rural CTE and Distance Learning
Discover how distance learning programs can provide students in rural area across the U.S. with the skills necessary to succeed in college and the workforce.

Using Community Projects to Engage Students in Technical Education
Learn how to create real-world projects for students that will have a positive impact on your community. Discover how to incorporate business and community outreach into your CTE curriculum.

Professional Development for CTE Teachers

Your First Year in CTE: 10 More Things to Know Expert Session
Join ACTE and NOCTI for an online experts session focused on resources available for preparing a new CTE teacher for their first year in the classroom. Discover ways to expand relationships with students, learn some tips for planning, enhancing content, and more.

NEW! From Company to Classroom: Engaging STEM Professional Talent
STEM industry professionals, both US and foreign-born, represent a largely overlooked and untapped source of teachers, ones who are especially suited to teach CTE courses and thereby address the teacher shortage. EnCorps, the only organization in the US that specializes in helping STEM professionals make career changes into teaching in high needs schools, shares details and successes of its work in California.

NEW! Using Action Based Research Webinar — Michael T. Holik, Ed.D.
Action-based research is research completed by a person, often a teacher, who has a desire to positively transform his or her own teaching practices through self-evaluation. By participating in their own study, the teacher delivers a lesson, reflects on the lesson and finally makes necessary changes for improvement.

Administrator Focused

Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act — Perkins V
Questions about the new Perkins law? View ACTE’s recorded webinar on the Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act , including changes from prior legislation, definitions of key terms, accountability indicators, state and local planning, and more. You can also tweet questions to our new Twitter account @AskPerkinsV, using the hashtag #AskPerkinsV or email questions to

College and Career Readiness Panel Discussion
Are your students career ready? Join Tom Darling, Gayla Randel and Ryan Voorhees as they discuss college and career readiness and how to better prepare your students for the workforce.

Becoming a CTE Administrator
There is a high demand for CTE administrators but how do we fill this gap? Join Dr. John Foster as he identifies the needs for new administrators, building a structure, determining topics and gathering feedback.

Safe Students, Safe Workers
How safe if your CTE program? Join Diane Bush from U.C. Berkley and Andy Wermes from the Iowa Department of Education as they present research and tools that will help keep your students safe and program up to date.

Competency-Based Education
Learn about the pros and cons of competency-based education.” with “Competency-Based Education (CBE) is gaining more popularity within higher education. CBE is especially great for CTE. By removing time as the constant of learning and making it a variable, students have the ability to move at a pace that works for them. Dr. Heiser oversees a 20-program CTE transition to CBE. Learn from both his struggles and successes that he experienced along the way.

Can Immigrant Professionals Address CTE Teacher Shortages in the US?
Presented by World Education Services Global Talent Bridge, this two part webinar series will explore how to tap into the talents of foreign-trained professionals as CTE educators. This includes four million work-authorized immigrants with a bachelor’s degree or higher and often years of industry experience. The first webinar surveys promising program models and resources.

ACTE Specific

Volunteering for ACTE
Learn from a volunteer about why you should get involved on a committee!