CTE Learn Courses

Choose from our growing catalogue of online courses and/or our free learning modules and tutorials to expand your professional skills, learn new teaching techniques, discover new tools to use in your classroom or work, and grow your ability to connect with your colleagues, students, and other CTE professionals.

C.O.R.E. 101 – This six-module course builds your skills to more effectively approach the integration of core academic content into your CTE subjects. Discover hundreds of resources and learn a new process to quickly make the connection to standards based teaching.

This three-module two-hour course will equip CTE teachers and all other educators (secondary and post-secondary alike) with the tools they need to understand military recruitment on their campus.

These two modules walk teachers and other CTE professionals through a hands-on experience to help you better plan and integrate the use of valuable resources into your lessons. This course provides access to a robust set of free resources that can be used by all of your students in a variety of sectors.

A ten-module series that explores techniques and tips to help CTE teachers understand how to help their students be career ready in a globally connected world of work. Includes dozens of free teaching plans and resources.

Fifteen tutorials introduce you to the U.S. system of higher education. Whether you’re a current postsecondary CTE educator or as a secondary CTE professional seeking to better understand how to work with our higher education partners, these tutorials will help you accomplish your goals.