2014 ACTE Carl Perkins Outstanding Service Award

Sandra Hemmert
CTE Coordinator
Granite School District
Salt Lake City, Utah

ACTE sat down with Sandra after the ACTE Awards Banquet during CareerTech VISION.

As a CTE coordinator for Granite School District, Sandra Hemmert?s work has brought Utah?s CTE programs into the spotlight. She has helped secure several multi-million-dollar grants for the growth of CTE, firmly placing Granite District?s CTE programs in the state?s talent development pipeline. During her 34 years in the education field, Hemmert has played an important role in developing modern and effective CTE programs that meet students? needs.

Hemmert has reinvented career and technical education programs focusing on high-demand, high-tech industries (e.g. biomanufacturing, biotechnology, aeronautics) and usage of hands-on experiential learning. She helped pioneer the BioInnovation Gateway (BiG), in which biomanufacturing students work with industry partners to solve real-world problems by developing new products. BiG has received state and national recognition and has been studied as a model by individuals from as far away as China.

Hemmert also spearheaded several CTE programs that serve disabled young adults and dropouts. Participants in these programs are guided through the transition to the workforce with hands-on vocational training, mobility training, social networks and one-on-one training on finding and retaining jobs.

To protect quality in CTE and bring new CTE teachers into the field from industry, Hemmert developed an Alternative Route to Licensure (ARL) training program, which has been recognized as exemplary by the Utah State Board of Education. She also worked closely to implement Granite?s Technical Institute, which focuses on industry and certification skills that support further training and employment, and has grown its enrollment from 800 to 3,000 students in the past seven years. She recently had a significant role in Utah?s STEM initiative and has participated in focus groups that support statewide legislation.

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