2017 ACTE New Teacher of the Year

Jacob Ball
Agriculture Teacher
Nelson County High School
Bardstown, Kentucky

Mr. Ball stands out among his peers for a variety of reasons, says Shelly Hendricks, Principal at Nelson County High School (NCHS) in Bardstown, Kentucky. During his three years as an agriculture teacher at NCHS, Jacob Ball has made numerous investments in professional development, technology, and equipment to improve learning opportunities for his students. At a time when proving the value of CTE programs is crucial, Ball has become dual certified in Agriculture and Biology to offer students the option to take an agribiology course that allows students to receive biology credit within the agriculture program. Ball has also become certified to teach Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education (CASE), which is rooted in inquiry-based and science curriculum and has greatly increased the science rigor in his courses. He has applied for and received over $10,000 in various grants to purchase Google Chromebooks for the Agriculture Program, making his classroom the only full one to one technology classroom in the school. Ball puts in extra time serving as an advisor for the Nelson County FFA, leading the chapter to receive a Gold Rating every year at the state level and a National Three Star Chapter Rating in 2014.

Outside of the classroom, Ball is committed to improving NCHS as a whole. He takes an active role in Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) to help improve educational practices and is a leader on the Program Review Committee at NCHS. Ball has streamlined the intensive, year-long process of gathering evidence across the school for program review by developing a school-wide sharing system through google docs, saving time and simplifying the process for fellow educators. Ball is active in Kentucky Association of Agricultural Educators, Kentucky ACTE and Kentucky Farm Bureau.

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