2015 ACTE Postsecondary Teacher of the Year

Janet Zaleski Burns
Associate Clinical Professor
Georgia State University
Atlanta, Georgia

Janet Zaleski Burns is the program coordinator for initial teacher certification in CTE in the Department of Middle and Secondary Education at Georgia State University. Burns, who holds a doctorate in education, designed an alternative initial CTE teacher certification program 20 years ago that she currently manages for Trade and Industrial (T&I) and Healthcare Science Education teachers. With only three certification programs in Georgia, this option has been vital for an underserved population and has been instrumental in the education and certification of hundreds of CTE teachers. To date, the program has graduated two county-level CTE directors, several assistant principals, CTE school supervisors, department chairs and a number of award-winning teachers.

Burns has served on several CTE program advisory committees, as well as the Regional Education Policy Committee of the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, the Board of Examiners for the Georgia Professional Standards Commission and the Board of Directors for the T&I Educators of Georgia. As the president of the Academy for Career and Technical Teacher Education, Burns evaluated symposium conference proposals and served as a symposium facilitator and judge at three of their national professional development conferences. She has been involved with the Association for Career and Technical Education Research and other research entities, presenting papers, editing journals and reviewing manuscripts. She has also served as a state-level judge for SkillsUSA and Georgia Career Student Association competitions. “She is not only a fine educator whose students rave about her courses and teaching, but she is also an accomplished researcher and national and state leader in her field,” says Dana L. Fox, Chair of the Department of Middle and Secondary Education.

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