TIVA Unifies with National ACTE

September 5, 2018

Media Contact: Jarrod Nagurka
jnagurka@acteonline.org; 703-683-9312

TIVA Unifies with National ACTE

Alexandria, VA – The Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) congratulates TIVA on its decision to formally unify with the national ACTE. TIVA is a Texas-based professional organization for career and technical educators.

Following the unification, TIVA members will benefit from both their state-based association and from membership in a national professional association. Among the many assets national membership provides, ACTE offers extensive professional development resources, federal public policy advocacy and leadership opportunities. The unification will also improve ACTE’s connection to CTE educators in Texas, and strengthen their voice in Washington.

“I am so pleased to join ACTE’s Board of Directors in welcoming TIVA to our unified ranks,” said ACTE Executive Director LeAnn Wilson. “Working together, ACTE and TIVA can build on our shared goals of strengthening CTE and ensuring that both educators and students have the tools to succeed.”

“TIVA has been advocating and supporting Texas CTE Trade & Industry secondary educators for 60 years,” said Diana Ferguson, TIVA Executive Director. “We could not be happier about unifying with ACTE. Through unification we have the opportunity to offer our members a stronger voice for CTE on Capitol Hill, access to resources, events, trainings, publications and leadership programs. This has been the goal of standing TIVA President Brenda Drawdy (of Killeen, TX, ISD) since her first VISION Conference, two years ago. We are looking forward to what the future holds.”


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