Past Fellow Mentor: Mr. Ernie Gomez

Mr. Ernie Gomez has the type of professional passion that I found to be an honor to discover. His experience in career tech stems from a 28 year career with Southwestern Bell. He worked in the external affairs division which was comprised of: community affairs, public relations, and legislation at the federal level.

Mr. Gomez has been the Adult Development Supervisor at Moore Norman Technology Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma since 2008. He has had many opportunities to bring elected officials to his career tech campus to witness the impact that the tech center is having within their communities.

His position responsibilities include the scheduling of classes under certification and licensing for real estate and human resources. He also described the Special Education Para Professional Class that he also oversees. He explained to me that para professionals who are going to work with students must take the para pro test. Mr. Gomez told me that parents of students with disabilities can also come and take these test so that they may sit alongside their child in the classroom.

His day is focused on his primary job; scheduling classes and getting involved with community functions. His scheduling responsibilities include developing a catalog two times a year in which he will do a section on certification and licensing. Additionally he hires all adjunct instructors and will work with them on their class schedules. He is also an active member of three different city chambers.

A program he oversees entitled CLEET (council on law enforcement education and training) is a highly regulated and all courses must be approved.  Participants for this program include private security officers, who can take course test and begin working right away. He also runs a firearms class that is a state board assessment to be an armed security officer.

He is currently helping with the hosting of the Region 4 ACTE conference, in Oklahoma City April 16-18. He is responsible for organizing incoming vendors and business partners.

Mr. Gomez is proud of his Hispanic heritage and therefore likes to be involved with anything that has to do with supporting his community.