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Join the 4th Annual Workforce Development Through CTE Summit 4.0 with industry association, workforce development, and business leaders all focused on strengthening the partnerships between businesses and education. Visit our Summit page for more information.

Addressing the Skills Gap Challenge

Is your industry facing a growing skilled workforce shortage?

Is there a skills gap between your employment needs and the pool of available talent to fill your job needs?

If you answered yes, then join the national movement to close the skills gap in workforce development.  Work collaboratively with education, business, government, and non-profit organizations:

  • to communicate and raise awareness of the value of career development,
  • identify and promote best practices,
  • encourage and empower business and industry to become leaders in career development,
  • foster collaboration,
  • promote research and evaluation,
  • create innovative programs,
  • organize and conduct convenings.

ACTE is committed to making career readiness a priority in American education.  We believe that providing ALL learners with high-quality career development services and technology will help ensure that that students obtain productive employment in their chosen career as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.  This will also better meet the needs of employers for a skilled workforce, increase the dignity of all work, and help more young people achieve the American Dream!

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