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CTE IN THE NEWS: Next Tech Showcase Highlights Student Achievement

The second annual Next Tech Student Showcase took place on Saturday, May 4 at the Carrboro Century Center, in Carrboro, North Carolina. More than 150 community members were guided by Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools (CHCCS) students through the use of various tech tools including virtual reality (VR), Spheros, MakeWonder coding robots,

CTE IN THE NEWS: Family, Career and Community Leaders of America Give Back

During the 2018–19 school year, The Twiggs County Comprehensive Middle High School partnered with The Fort Valley State University and its Extension Agent Terolyn Chaney to feed the community and conduct resume writing workshops. The FCCLA chapter and its advisor, TaQuila Thomas, and Chaney conducted several workshops throughout the

Teaching Strategy: Build Vocabulary with Jenga

In a given school year, CTE students are challenged to learn more than 200 technical terms. Learning these terms, however, is only the beginning. The art of teaching vocabulary lies in engaging students in conversations around technical vocabulary terms without them even realizing it. If you announce, “We are going to work on

CTE IN THE NEWS: Delaware Area Career Center Student Thinks Big

Triston Tuggle, a high school senior studying Power Sports at the Delaware Area Career Center (DACC), has been accepted into Caterpillar's ThinkBIG Technician Education program. Tuggle is only the second student from DACC to be accepted into the program. “I’ve always been a big fan of Caterpillar,” Tuggle said. “I’m happy I

CTE IN THE NEWS: Tri-County Team Designs Device to Travel into Space

Along with their instructor, three engineering technology students from Tri-County Regional Vocational Technical High School traveled to Houston, Texas, on April 15–17, 2019, to present a device they designed to NASA engineers and astronauts as part of the HUNCH program. High School Students United with NASA to Create Hardware, or

CTE IN THE NEWS: Cooks and Camo in Bartlett, Illinois

Students enrolled in upper-level culinary classes at Bartlett High School participated in Cooks and Camo, a competition-style event sponsored by the Illinois Army National Guard. Competitors were challenged to create an entree and dessert items inspired by military field rations, known as meals ready to eat (MRE). "The students did a

ABSTRACT: Fashion Students Learn Direct 3D Printing on Fabric

3D printing is an additive manufacturing process that has found its way into makerspaces, home studios and classrooms. The process is used predominately for rapid prototyping and small-scale production of objects. 3D printing can also be used directly on fabrics to enhance the surface, dramatically change the appearance, or add a

EXCERPT: A Whole School Approach to Access & Equity

Career pathway programs that blend quality career and technical education (CTE) and college preparatory academics offer a way to increase readiness, postsecondary attainment, career advancement and economic stability for youth of all genders, races, socioeconomic backgrounds and ability levels. Introduce students to careers. In 2009,

Teaching Strategies: Certification Test Prep

For career and technical education (CTE) teachers, spring brings with it a focus on certification test preparation. This can be a daunting task. Consider how a teacher might approach supporting student review sessions. You might hear a teacher announce, “You have 45 minutes to study today. Use this time now to review your notes

CTE IN THE NEWS: Kokomo Area Career Center & Bona Vista Host Sock Hop & Roll

On Dec. 14, 2018, Bona Vista and Kokomo Area Career Center, in Kokomo, Indiana, hosted the Sock Hop & Roll. The event was designed by Keegan Paul, a career center student and Bona Vista intern, to offer "adults with disabilities a fun night of dancing, snacking and socializing." The event was a success! Success that is due, at least

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