Oregon CTE Conference-Virtual Vortex to the Future

April 1,2-2021

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Opportunities Include:

  • Premier Speakers
  • Alike Program Collaboration
  • Impact on Future Oregon ACTE

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We are aware that Perkins funding has limitations and want to acknowledge that we are listening and have changed our registration process. Everyone is now invited to register without limitation. The registration fee is $250 and includes access to the conference as well as a full year of access to the ACTE website which includes a library of both free and reasonably priced professional development training seminars. It also allows you to join other groups across the country to share best practices in your chosen area of interest. The conference will be recorded, and your registration offers you the flexibility to view or revisit sessions for up to a year.

Cancelations/Refunds/Substitution: Cancelation must be submitted in writing. Virtual conference fees are non-refundable. Substitutions welcome.

All cancelations and/or program questions should be addressed in writing and should be emailed to Tom Goodhue, Executive Director, Oregon ACTE at tgoodhue@obcweb.com

For help with your registration please contact ACTE by at memberservices@acteonline.org

Welcome and Keynote Speaker:  Jason Wetzler

Jason is from Portland, Oregon and grew up on a 14-acre farm in the middle of the city. He was the only “farm-kid” in a high school of over 2500 students and attributes the lessons he’s learned in life to his agricultural upbringing.

After graduating from Oklahoma State University, he has been an Uber driver, trivia jockey, pig farmer, blueberry slinger, farmers marketeer, substitute teacher, and cattle pharmaceutical salesman… but his favorite job is the one he has now: being a professional speaker and trainer.

Everywhere he goes and with everything he does, Jason has one goal: To make the lives of other people better. Jason is an up-and-coming name in the world of leadership development. Having worked with individuals in over 40 states, China and Japan, he has built a reputation as a successful facilitator, speaker, and leadership expert.

Keynote Speaker:  Sharon Lacey

Sharon Lacey has had more adventures in the past sixteen years than most people experience in a lifetime.  In addition to being a sought-after keynote speaker, Sharon is also an internationally touring headlining comedian. She performs all across the USA, has been to Iraq twice to entertain our troops, and performs stand-up comedy for Ugandan audiences in two of their tribal languages.

All of this comes after Sharon’s earlier careers as a radio dj, television news producer, and a national award winning teacher. She was a national Disney American Teacher Award honoree; TCI Oregon Teacher of the Year; and a consultant for the Disney Learning Project and the Harvard Zero Project.