Explore an exciting career: digital marketing manager

Digital marketing managers develop media strategy designed to increase brand awareness and recognition for a company or organization. They design, implement and manage marketing campaigns that promote entities and their products and services. Other responsibilities may include finding and evaluating new technologies to increase web and social media traffic. A digital marketing manager’s goal:

  • To enhance advertising and marketing campaigns
  • To increase customer leads and conversions

A digital marketing manager might work with or lead a team of graphic designers, copywriters and advertising/media professionals.

The workplace

Digital marketing managers work for advertising and public relations firms; they also work in nearly every industry — in large and small companies, and public and private organizations. Science and technology, manufacturing, finance, insurance — you name it.


Most digital marketing professionals will hold an associate or a bachelor’s degree. A degree is important, but work-based learning experiences are far more valuable, suggested Sandra Rand, director of marketing at OrionCKB, a direct response ad agency in Walpole, Massachusetts.

Career and technical education presents a great pathway to this career.


Salaries for digital marketing managers range $75,283–$148,765, according to Salary.com. Glassdoor indicates an average of $75,251, with the highest earning $111,000.

Job Outlook

Expect employment of advertising, promotions and marketing managers to grow 8% from 2018–2028 as organizations seek to maintain and even expand their market share. “With internet advertising becoming more important, advertising managers who can navigate the digital world should have the best prospects.”

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