No Nonsense ACTE Board Meetings at NPS

“Meeting at 8:30!” “Oh don’t forget the meeting at 2:00 this afternoon.” Meetings will continue to be a part Christine Nelson Feature of work, so how do we combat mundane meetings? Is there hope for having an efficient and effective meeting?

Important aspects of meetings are to be efficient, stay on track, end on time and these are only a few. As a national fellow I was fortunate enough to attend the ACTE board meeting while in DC at NPS and saw these characteristics in action. The meeting was informative and appeared to run smoothly and according to the agenda, very easy to follow along. As the meeting proceeded a break was incorporated for the Regions to conduct their business.

I have been to many meetings in my life time, and I was wowed by how quickly the chair brought the meeting to order, brought up agenda items, discussed and voted. For only having 15 minutes to conduct the committee/board meeting they accomplished a lot to help grow the Regions in the right direction. Although the chair ran the meeting, the whole group amazingly grinded out the agenda with no nonsense and ended on time.

I learn and grow within this organization; I have learned and observed many things I would like to incorporate into my work ethics and daily schedules. To run an efficient and effective board meeting is just one of the many great things I have learned from ACTE.