Meet Nancy Trivette

Nancy Trivette
ACTE President

Region: I
Division: Agricultural Education Division

Occupation: State Agricultural Education Program Leader/State FFA Advisor; New Jersey Department of Agriculture

National ACTE Involvement—Board of Directors: Region I VP, 2011–14; Executive Committee/Finance Chair 2013–14; Agricultural Education Division VP, 2015–18; Finance Chair, 2017–18; ACTE Executive Committee Member: Executive Committee/Finance Chair, 2013–14; 2017–18; ACTE Committee Member: Strategic Planning Committee, 2012, 2014, Awards, Affiliation Committees, 2013, ByLaws Committee, 2010, 2015–16; ACTE Task Force Member: Leadership Generation TF, 2016–17; ACTE Advisory Group Member: HQ CTE Advisory Group, 2016; ACTE Committee Chair: Awards Committee, 2013; ACTE High Quality Advisory Group Chair: Temporary Chair, 2016; Educators in Action Volunteer: Educators in Action Blogger; CTE Support Fund Supporter: 2011–present; NPS Attendee: 2003–05; 2007–09; 2011–present; VISION Attendee: Attended all VISION since inception

Other National ACTE Involvement—Agricultural Education Division Policy Committee (National Council for Agricultural Education) member 2003–05; 2007–09; 2015–18; Active in, and chaired several committees and task forces, including: Annual Agricultural Education Report; development of the Agricultural Education Brand; post-secondary Agricultural Student TF; National CASE Advisory Committee; and on the executive committee as vice president in 2004 and 2006, and president in 2009.

Regional ACTE Involvement—Policy Committee Member: 2011–14; Policy Committee Chair: Region I Vice President; Regional Task Force Member: ByLaws Committee, prior to 2011; Region Conference Attendee: PA, 2012; NPS, 2013, 2014; NY, 2017; Policy Committee Member: 2003–05; 2007–09; 2015–18; Policy Committee Chair: 2015–18

Divisional ACTE Involvement—Divisional Committee Member: National Quality Program Standards, 2007–09; 2015–17, CASE Advisory Committee, 2017–2019; Divisional Task Force Member: Post-secondary Ag Student Task Force, 2009; Divisional Committee Chair: Ag Ed Annual Report, 2007–0Ag Ed Brand, 2007–09, CASE Advisory Committee, 2009–11; 2013; Division Conference Presenter: National Ag Ed Leadership Conference, 2007–09, 2011, 2016; Division Conference Attendee: National Ag Ed Conferences, 1983–present, NAAE conference, most since 2005

Platform Statement:
I value the potential opportunity to serve ACTE in a leadership role. If elected, I will serve with purpose, professionalism and passion! I will provide strong, consistent leadership. I will advocate for continued growth and strength of career and technical education by partnering with those who have a shared vision. I will strive to build the capacity of our organization by promoting ACTE and encouraging others to pursue ACTE’s leadership and professional development offerings. I will work with purpose to strengthen ACTE. As a career and technical educator, I believe in strong secondary and post-secondary instructional programs, seamlessly connected; strong Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs) that develop career, leadership and personal growth; and strong business and industry connections that provide real life experiences for students. Each of these areas, individually and together, makes CTE unique and special, and prepares students for successful careers. Professionalism is expected of any leader.