Meet Doug Major

Doug Major
ACTE Past President

Region: IV
Division: Administration
Occupation: Superintendent/CEO

Employment History:
Superintendent/CEO, Meridian Technology Center, 2008–present
Superintendent/CEO, Pioneer Technology Center, 2000–08
Assistant Superintendent (preceded by various administrative positions), Meridian Technology Center, 1987–2000
Agriculture Education Instructor, Anadarko Public Schools, 1985–87

Ed.D., Education Administration, Oklahoma State University
M.S., Agriculture Education, Oklahoma State University
B.S., Agriculture Education, Oklahoma State University

National ACTE Involvement:
ACTE Board of Directors: Administration Division Vice President, 2009–12
ACTE Executive Committee Member: President-elect, President, Past-President, 2012–15
ACTE Executive Committee Member: Finance Chair, 2010–12
ACTE Committee Member: Includes but not limited to Nominating, Audit and Division Policy Committees
ACTE Task Force Member: Board of Directors Representative
National Leadership Fellowship Program: Coordinator, 2016–present
Educator in Action Volunteer: 2013–present
CTE Support Fund Supporter: 2000–present
NPS Attendee: 2000–present
ACTE/NCLA Best Practices & Innovations in CTE Conference Attendee: 2000–present
VISION Attendee: 2000–present
Public Policy Advocate: Is a responsibility of every CTE Professional

Other National ACTE Involvement:
I have had the opportunity to testify before a Congressional committee representing ACTE. I have also had the pleasure of representing the organization at numerous other national gatherings where the topic of career and technical education was discussed, including several sponsored/co-sponsored by ACTE and Advance CTE.

Regional ACTE Involvement:
Region Conference Attendee: I regularly attend the Region IV Conference.

Divisional ACTE Involvement:
Committee Member: Administration Division Policy Committee
Committee Chair: Administration Division Policy Committee, 2009–12
Award Winner: NCLA Distinguished Service Award, 2014

Other Divisional Involvement:
I have served as a board member and officer of the National Council Of Local Administrators (NCLA). I have also served at various times on the Administration Division’s Policy Committee.

State ACTE Involvement:
OkACTE CareerTech Advisory Council: I have served multiple terms.

Other State Involvement:
I was honored to receive the Francis Tuttle Career Excellence Award in 2017. This is the highest honor given through OkACTE.

Other CTE Involvement:
OK Association of Technology Centers Committee Chair: Legislative Committee, 2016–present
OK Association of Technology Centers Board of Directors: Past President

Platform Statement:
As ACTE’s president-elect, it is my goal to ensure that this association, the Association for Career and Technical Education, always remembers that each member is the most important member we have… and that member is YOU. While that may sound simple, our membership represents a diverse array of instructors, administrators, retirees and affiliates. These individuals serve students of all ages and professions. They reach virtually every industry sector. Very few “trade associations” can boast of the membership diversity that we celebrate. At the same time, very few face the challenge we do in ensuring that our programs and services are relevant and beneficial for each of our very diverse members.

The board of directors and staff of ACTE must continue to ask hard questions about our Association:  Does our current organizational structure best serve the needs of our members? Are programs and services meeting the diverse professional development needs of our membership? Is the annual VISION conference still the premier educational event for career and technical educators? Is there more we can do to ensure added value for each member and the institutions/affiliates/businesses they represent?  The answers to these questions can only be addressed in context of the benefit for each of our individual members.

In recent years, ACTE membership has begun to, once again, climb. This is due to the hard work and dedication of our ACTE staff and board of directors. It has also been the result of a renewed focus on member value and what we, as your association, can do to serve you. I would be honored to serve as your president-elect and do my part in continuing this great effort.