Meet Dean Baker

ACTE Trade & Industrial Education Division Vice President
Manufacturing Technology Instructor
Francis Tuttle Technology Center
3500 N.W. 150th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73134
Phone: 405-727-4280


Region: IV 

Division: Trade & Industrial Education 

Occupation: Instructor 

Employment History: Precision Machining/Computer Numerical Control Instructor, Francis Tuttle Technology Center, (August 1998 – present).  Production Engineer, Modular Services, (August 1997 – June 1999).  Engineering Department Prototype Specialist – Computer Numerical Control Programmer, (July 1996 – July 1997).  Precision Machining/Computer Numerical Control Instructor, Canadian Valley Technology Center, (August 1987 – June 1996);

Education: University of Central Oklahoma (BS)

ACTE Division Involvement: Trade and Industrial Education Division Representative on ACTE By-Laws Committee Member (2013-present), Trade and Industrial Education Division Representative on ACTE Visions Planning Committee; ACTE Region Involvement: Region IV CTE Support Fund Committee Member (2014-present), ACTE Fellow 2015 Region IV; ACTE National—Other Activities: Chairperson for Precision Machining SkillsUSA State Contest (2005-2013); State/Local Involvement: OkACTE Trade and Industrial Education Division President-Elect (2014-present), OkACTE Trade and Industrial Education Division Vice-President (2013-2014), OkACTE Trade and Industrial Education Division Reporter (2011-2013), OkACTE Trade and Industrial Education PAC Committee Representative ( 2006-present)

Platform Statement: The Skills Gap!  It has been in the news a lot, a catchy phrase, but very real.  This is what the Trade and Industrial Division teaches.  We are doing an excellent job providing the education needed by American workers to obtain the skills that are required to fill the thousands of, not jobs, but careers in the United States, but we have to do more.  We must keep the stories of our successes, and there are many in all states across this great nation, in the eyes and ears of our local, state, and national elected officials.

We, the Trade and Industrial Division of the Association of Career and Technical Education, cannot even start to fill all of the careers that are there without adequate funding and support for our system. This is especially true for our teachers who are on the front lines filling this gap that has been created by our National emphasis on a four year degree.  Our legislators must realize that it is imperative that funding be increased at all levels to allow the Trade and Industrial educators to continue to prepare our students for these careers.  It is our time to Shine!

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