Meet Becky Cox

Becky Cox
ACTE Past President

Region: V

Division: Family & Consumer Sciences Education

Employment History: Family & Consumer Sciences Teacher/Program Area Specialist, Alpine School District (1989-Present)

Education: Utah State University, MS (2009); Brigham Young University, BS (1985)

National ACTE Involvement—Board of Directors, Family & Consumer Sciences Division Vice President (2007-2010), Professional Development Committee (2004-2007), Lifetime Achievement Award (2012), VISION Presenter (2000, 2006, 2011, 2016), Educator in Action (2016), Educator in Action Content Expert (2016), CTE Support Fund Supporter (2007-present), NPS Attendee (2003-present), VISION Attendee (2003-present)

Regional ACTE Involvement—Region V: Nominations Committee (2004-2005), Nominations Committee Chair (2002-2004), Conference Presenter (2001, 2004, 2008), Conference Attendee (2001, 2004, 2008)

Divisional ACTE Involvement—Family & Consumer Sciences Division: Policy Committee Member (2004-2007, 2010-2013), Outstanding Contributions Award (2011)

Other Divisional ACTE Involvement—NATFACS: Committee Chair (2001), Financial Growth Committee Chair (2003), Secretary (2005-2007), Executive Assistant (2012-present)

State ACTE Involvement—Utah ACTE: Executive Assistant (2001-present), Membership Chair (2001-present), President (2003-2004), FACS Division President (1999-2000)

Platform Statement:
I love ACTE and I love CTE. I have been a passionate educator for 27 years, and I love empowering students with the skills necessary to be successful in postsecondary education and in life. I am running for ACTE president-elect because of my passion for this organization and what ACTE can do to equip members with the skills necessary to be successful in their classrooms and careers. ACTE is an amazing organization with great vision. I want to keep the momentum going in this positive direction. There are many things we can be working on such as strengthening state associations. By empowering our state associations, members in each state will see the direct impact ACTE makes on their careers. I would like to work with the new teachers in CTE. Between 40-50 percent of new teachers leave the profession in the first five years of teaching. Finding solutions to this problem is something I would like to address as ACTE president-elect. I want to work with division and region vice presidents to create the best programs we can for our membership through professional development, technology and by whatever other means we determine to be most effective. We face many challenges in education, but we have always risen to the occasion. Providing educators with the tools necessary to face the next challenge is something I want to make sure we are doing at ACTE. I will be the effective and positive leader we need. I am willing to listen to members and to work with the board and staff to continue creating a positive, vibrant and effective association that serves the needs of all the members.