Literacy + CTE = College and Career Readiness

Each year, I always like to step outside my box and attend a professional development training that does not specifically relate to my career path. This year, I chose to attend an institute that was hosted by our state department of education. I am happy to report that it was well worth my time.

The impetus for the workshops were to provide an overview to ELA teachers, coaches, curriculum specialists and administrators to be able to gain further insight into what Common Core standards are used for. The standards now are more prescribed than our previous state standards by placing a greater emphasis on how and what students should be able to do. For example, these standards have a component that strongly supports students being able to read and comprehend text with specific reading and writing skills not just in ELA, but all subjects across the curriculum.

States should be responsible for developing the curriculum for teaching these standards while also focusing their effort s on implementing rather than developing the standards. It is important to note that the standards are not the curriculum, but a set of goals and expectations to prepare students to be college and career ready.