Leading the Way with Common Core

Georgia Southern University hosted a Common Core Summit: Summer Leadership Academy to introduce Kim_Jackson-Allen_content high school educators in various content areas on how to effectively implement the Common Core Standards.

The standards were adopted by the state of Georgia because of its concise premise of focusing on problem-solving skills, reasoning skills and communication for its students.

While 45 states across the country have officially adapted the standards, many school districts across the state are baffled regarding its full implementation. The questions often asked are, How do we implement the standards? and, when we do, How do we know we are implementing them in an appropriate manner?

District and school-based administrators should continue to offer full support to its teachers as they undergo this curricula paradigm shift. As teachers began to unpack the standards to make them easier to understand, ongoing evaluations need to be made to determine what necessary shifts are needed to move forward.

Most importantly, instructional leaders need to make sure that they are promoting the changes necessary to ensure quality implementation of its state standards that supports this national curriculum.

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