Leadership Development Continues

By: Coleen Keffeler

Sturgis Brown High School is gearing up for the third week of school, and I must admit, it is great to be Coleen_Keffeler.upgback in the swing of things! Our three days of in-service focused on the Boys Town Model for a well-managed classroom, project-based learning activities, department meetings, meeting the new superintendent and an open house for incoming freshmen. My Culinary Arts class is full and the youth internship students are getting hands-on learning in their prospective career fields.

Even though South Dakota is a long way from Alexandria, Virginia, I am still working on leadership development projects and activities for ACTE.

Leadership Training Program

The Leadership Task Force continues work on the ACTE Leadership Training Program being offered on Saturday, Nov. 19, in conjunction with the ACTE Convention in St. Louis. The program is open to all ACTE members interested in developing/enhancing their leadership skills. Those wishing to apply for the travel stipend must sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Contact Lauren Lessels at ACTE Headquarters for more details. 

Past ACTE President Ed Melott will be the opening speaker for the November program with a message on the importance of leadership. Mike Stone, KY-ACTE Executive Director, will speak on mission, goals and objectives, and Barry Brantley, former LA–ACTE Executive Director, will discuss governing bodies, officers and directors as well as working in teams. The session will end with a case study discussion. 

A forum is in the process of being developed to allow participants to continue their discussions before the next session, to be held in conjunction with the National Policy Seminar. The task force is also exploring the option of offering the training program for continuing education credit!

State Association Leaders

On August 29, the state leadership conference call focused on team building. The PowerPoint and information I presented are available on the State Association Resource page. Please feel free to utilize the slides and information. 

The September 27 call will focus on the revised Quality Association Standard award. I encourage all state leaders to participate in the calls; they provide a great opportunity to hear updates from ACTE staff and learn from other state leaders. 

I wish all of you a GREAT school year!

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