Is There a New Shift for Guidance Counselors?

Each year, the Georgia Department of Education hosts a Regional Counselor Workshop for school guidance counselors regionally located at six different cities in the state of Georgia. The purpose of the workshop is to keep school guidance counselors abreast of program updates presented by our state department of education staff members.

In providing an overview of various topics, one of the most coveted topics was the role of the school guidance counselors in the College and Career Readiness Index (CCRPI), which is the state’s academic measure for the nation’s newly implemented Common Core State Standards. This is an opportunity for school guidance counselors to show how pivotal their role is in this accountability process for schools and districts.

Finally, the impact of this accountability measure will allow us to serve students by establishing effective guidance programs with a deep emphasis on college and career readiness. From the elementary, middle and high school levels, school guidance counselors will act as effective change agents while meeting the standards of the CCRPI and continuing to provide a positive culture of academic success in their schools.