I am proud to be a CTE Educator!

Hello, to my fellow CTE educators.

This is a great time to share the good things going on in our CTE Centers as well as the accomplishments of your students.  Sharing these stories with parents, business and industry representatives and the community leaders will let them know the many career opportunities that are available to your students.  Our students are proud to be Career and Technical Students. So let’s work hard to help them tell their stories.  Our students who are enrolled in Career and Technical programs are intelligent, well rounded individuals who are learning much needed skills as they further their education and pursue their careers.

I hope that each of you is excited about what the future holds for Career and Technical Education. Sometimes, as Career and Technical Educators, we must show strength in numbers and support each other as we work together to gain support for CTE. It takes continuous visibility and constant reminders that Career and Technical Education is important to our students, communities, and the future of our GREAT Nation.

“Let’s put pride back into Career and Technical Education”

I am a proud CTE Educator and it is my privilege as well as my honor to be serving as the Mississippi ACTE President. Please feel free to contact me at any time if I can be of any help or assistance to you. I believe it is a great time for Career and Technical Education so let’s tell everyone how great it really is!

“It is a sorry dog that won’t bark in its own yard!!!”