How a Former Student Touches a Teacher’s Life

As a FACS teacher, I teach several subjects; but Clothing Construction is my particular delight. Unfortunately, there are many schools that no longer offer this incredible class for their students. Not Rachel Gonzalez Featureeverything we teach has to be about “high-wage, high-demand” jobs. As CTE educators, we teach skills that contribute to these types of jobs, as well as a person’s quality of life. 

A few months ago, I attended the funeral of my great niece Ellie. She was born with Trisomy 4p, a rare chromosomal disorder with many challenges. This incredible little girl lived and blessed lives for 18 short months. Finding the perfect burial gown for Ellie was difficult. Not long after her death, I learned that one of my former students from many years ago stepped in, designing and constructing the last dress for this incredible little girl.

I thought back to this amazing, talented woman to when she was as a junior high student. Now, she is an adult using skills she learned so long ago in my classes, and I know she has used these skills many times in her adult life. In this specific incident she blessed another’s life, my niece, as she grieved the loss of her daughter.

There is great satisfaction in knowing the ability to help another can be passed on through your students. That is priceless.