Hone in on Your Leadership

Leadership means different things for different people. Oftentimes as educators, we are tasked with so many other duties that we do not have the time to hone our leadership skills. Being a part of the Association for Career and Technical Education Fellowship Program is allowing me to do just that.

Thus far, I have been paired with an awesome mentor who was a past fellow. Ms. Jayme Fitzpatrick, Region V, and I have monthly calls to talk about my experiences thus far. She found her niche while going through the 2019 Fellowship program and I hope to do the same.

While I have been gaining some invaluable leadership experience taking part in the ACTE Fellowship Program, I can’t help but wonder what other opportunities exist through ACTE to help hone my leadership skills.

I recently had the opportunity to attend the National Policy Seminar as part of my experience and met congressional aides for Virginia’s senators who shared some great information on their commitment to CTE. I have met some other experienced fellows from across the country as part of my cohort and we have begun to network. I plan on attending the Region II conference in October and CareerTech VISION later this year.

If you are interested in learning more about the ACTE Fellowship Program can help you hone your leadership skills, consider applying to be an ACTE Fellow. It’s well worth it.



Karen Roberts

RII Experienced Fellow