GoBuild Georgia Builds on Essential Career Readiness Skills

As a part of our governor’s initiative to vastly enhance workforce development in the state of Georgia, an office was created to implement the Go Build Georgia program. The purpose of the program is to help dispel the myth of working in a skilled trade, appreciate the value of earning a skilled trade, and encourage them to build a career as tradesmen.

The most recent development in the Go Build Georgia program is the establishment of the Go Build Georgia High School teams. The teams are comprised of educators and industry leaders with the goal of promoting career paths in the skilled trades by hosting skilled trade career days and industry site visits, and getting the word out about the program. As my high school’s team leader and a school guidance counselor, I have the opportunity to advise students regarding their career goals, discover new careers, and be introduced to opportunities in the skilled trades. The ultimate outcome would be highly skilled employees for businesses and enhanced economic development for Georgia and the nation as a whole.