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ACTE Leadership

ACTE Leadership Training Program


ACTE is proud to offer you an opportunity to develop the leadership skills of existing and potential leaders in your state association.

Not sure if this leadership development opportunity is right for you? Check out the differences in ACTE's leadership development programs and find the right fit for you!

Resources from past Leadership Training Programs are now online and can be found here!


The State Leadership Training Program's work is conducted in conjunction with ACTE events; more than 150 state association leaders participated in the sessions. During the meetings, the participants undergo leadership training in addition to specific instruction in association management.

Program of Work

The program of work for the training is based on the following criteria for effective leadership, defined by the Quality Association Standards, an annual benchmark for State associations to evaluate their programs, services and organization. The QAS covers the key aspects of association management, ranging from finances and bylaws, to programs and marketing. By using the QAS as the structure for the program, participants become familiar with the essentials of association management and are able to apply the concepts they learn about to their own state association. The instruction is facilitated by subject matter experts from ACTE's state associations, staff or partners.

  1.  Mission, Goals, and Objectives
  2.  Governing Body, Officers, and Directors
  3.  Organizational Structure and Documents
  4.  Programs, Services, and Activities
  5.  Financial Planning and Reporting
  6.  Membership Development and Retention
  7.  Communications
  8.  Public Policy
  9.  Association Operations

In addition, each session will feature training on leadership skills.


The State Leadership Training Program is now condensed into a one-year program. The sessions will be scheduled as a preconference as follows (please note exact times may change; exact times will be given prior to each session):

  • Session 1: ACTE's CareerTech VISION 2017-Wednesday, December 6, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.- Nashville, TN
  • Session 2: ACTE's 2018 National Policy Seminar-Sunday, March 4, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.-Washington, D.C.


Each state is welcome to have as many participants as they would like in the State Leadership Training Program. You may participate as a current state leader, or as an Emerging Leader, who is eligible to receive a stipend to help offset costs of attending (provided an MOU is signed prior to the VISION session deadline.)

If your state decides to appoint an Emerging Leader, ACTE recommends that a current leader in your state, defined as a current or past state officer or regional or national committee member, also participate with an Emerging Leader from the state in order to mentor that person. An Emerging Leader could be defined as a member who has held a state division office or state committee member, or an "elect" to your officer team. Ideally, the Emerging Leader has an interest and desire to become involved in leadership at the state, regional, and/or national level.


All participants will be charged a registration fee for each session. All travel related expenses are the responsibility of the participants and/or their State Association.

State Leader, Session 1 -$25
Lunch not included

State Leader, Session 2 -$25 (Registration is available on NPS registration forms- coming soon)
Lunch not included

New, Emerging Leaders signing the MOU will receive a $500 annual stipend to help offset the costs associated with participating in the State Leadership Training Program at ACTE's CareerTech VISION and National Policy Seminar. All travel related expenses are the responsibility of the participants and/or their State Association.

No refunds will be given.

Benefits of Participation
Candidates successfully completing the training sessions will be awarded a certificate of completion at the conclusion of each session,, which could be considered for CEUs in your state (varies by state).. State associations and ACTE will have a cadre of trained leaders to lead the state, region, and nation in furthering the purpose of career and technical education within your state association.

Deadline to Apply
The deadlines for all other participants are:

Registrations for the first session are due Nov. 17

Registrations for the second session are due Feb. 15

The deadline to register Emerging Leaders is Nov. 4. Please complete the memorandum of understanding for your Emerging Leaders. Emerging Leaders must register and pay for the sessions as well as complete the MOU.   


Additional questions?
Please contact Lauren Lessels.

 ACTE would like to congratulate the participants of the fifth State Leadership Training Program (2016-2017):

Deborah Agee

Mr. Snehal Bhakta

Ms. Tracie Carmel

Mrs. Crystal Davis

Bob Diaz

Ms. Vallerie Sue Edmunson

Paul Flogel

Ms. Jeanine Gallina

Mrs. Shelley Goerdt

Dr. Regina Hagood

Marla Hayden

William Hudson, Jr.

Mance Hurley

Mr. Leo Johnson

Charles Lawson

Mr. Fred Machana

Dr. Lisa Mayberry

Tim McMahon

Ms. Sandra Miller

Jay Moore

Ms. Kristina Moore

Regina Morrone

Ms. Tamika Phillips, M.S.

Mr. Kevin Plambeck

Dr Nick Real

James Rose

Mrs. Sonya Russell

Anne Schmall

Mr. Will Seaman

Ms. Deanna Strauss

Peggy Strong

Landon Stubbs

Darren Swartz

Franklin Wachtel

The first cohort of the State Leadership Training Program (2011-2013) included:

  • Sherry Adrian, Oklahoma
  • Tim Batts, Tennessee
  • Dodie Bemis, South Dakota
  • Linda Brimmer, Georgia
  • Beth Bronkar, Ohio
  • Constance Costley, New York
  • Terry Ertman, Nevada
  • Pam Ferguson, Arizona
  • Robin Gordon, Illinois
  • Darrell Green, Colorado
  • Rita Griffith, Virginia
  • Cheryl  Harder, Oklahoma
  • Thomas Hoffman, West Virginia
  • Marie Howard, Oklahoma
  • Dana Lampe, Iowa
  • Dawn Lindsley, Kansas
  • David Martin, Oklahoma
  • Barbara Mikler-Crandon, New York
  • Linda Padgett, South Carolina
  • Katrina Plese, Illinois
  • Andrea Pogue, Oklahoma
  • Jakub Prokop, Florida
  • Doris Sikora, Kentucky
  • Lisa Stange, Iowa
  • Dawn Sullivan, Illinois
  • Shelly York, Arizona

The second cohort of the State Leadership Training Program (2013-2014) included: 

  • Cindy Stover, Illinois
  • Alice Slager, Illinois
  • Richard Faulkner, New Mexico
  • Kathy Nash, Missouri
  • Craig Statucki, Nevada
  • Cindi Chang, Nevada
  • Donald Jarvis, Massachusetts
  • Norene Olsen, Georgia
  • Kelly Almond, Georgia
  • Wayne King, Kentucky
  • Carol Colwell, Oklahoma
  • Jona Kay Squires, Oklahoma
  • Merry Kim, California
  • Kimberly Moody, Nevada
  • Joni Simpson, Alaska

 The third cohort of the State Leadership Training Program (2014-2015) included:

 Leadership 2014 - 2015 Cohort

  • Tara Bellevue, New York
  • Stacy Byme, Nevada
  • Ms. Carl Colwell, Oklahoma
  • Mr. Peter L. Edmondson, Utah
  • Shari Graffunder, Wisconsin
  • Thomas Hoffman, West Virginia
  • Ms. Barbara A, Lemmer, Iowa
  • Ms. Michele Lorraine Lewis, Nevada
  • Ms. Bridgett Neu, Wisconsin
  • Mrs. Theresa K. Pinkston, Oklahoma
  • Joni Simpson, Alaska
  • Derek Smith, Utah
  • Jackie Fontillas, Illinois

The fourth cohort of the State Leadership Training Program (2015-2016 ) included:

  • Deborah P. Agee 
  • Claudia Alvarado
  • Mary Wilson 
  • Josephine Barksdale
  • Murleen S Bellinger
  • Andrew J. Borgialli
  • Christine S Bunn
  • John B. Cagle
  • Carol Colwell
  • Tara Combs
  • Brenda Conell
  • Yvette Y. Davis
  • Kimberly A. Dehart
  • James Gresham
  • Robert A. Hale
  • Mark Hobbs
  • Kevin Hoffman
  • Craig A Hood
  • Cathy LeCompte
  • Jes Lipa
  • Richard (Dick) Lowe
  • Matthew C. MacKay
  • Melinda OConnor
  • Robin Painovich
  • Teresa K. Pinkston
  • Matthew Rehl
  • Carolyn S Reynolds
  • Jeffrey Riley
  • Anne Schmall
  • Kaye Sharbono
  • Alan Shotts
  • Callon Siebenahler
  • Joni Simpson
  • Carin Smolin
  • Jessica B. Taylor
  • Omar Valerio
  • Chandrea Walker
  • Keshia L. Washington
  • Kimberly M. Wilson
  • Deanna Woodard



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