GACTE Continues to be on the Cusp of Great Things

The Georgia Association of Career and Technical Education serves as a platform to foster leadership, program development, advocacy, policy development, professional development, and networking opportunities for its members in Georgia.

Over 2,500 members attended the conference with the premise of promoting career and technical education. While I have attended the conferences in the past, at this particular conference, I had an opportunity to make a presentation titled: “Access Granted: The Implementation of Career Pathways and Its Impact on College and Career Readiness for Students.” The purpose of the presentation was to provide educators with an overview of how the newly implemented career pathways that are required for our students entering ninth grade for the first time in the 2013-2014 school year. The roll out is supported not only by CTAE educators, but also policymakers, businesses, and legislators across the state.

My presentation provided a platform for educators to be aware of the direct impact that a CTE curriculum has on students by both developing a skilled workforce and increasing global competition. Additionally, the career pathways will help by preparing students for college and career ready skills neither of which should be done in isolation.