Fellowship Mentorship

My fellowship experience would not be the same without the mentorship that came from Ross White, former fellow and AR ACTE Past-President. White played a strong roll in my decision to apply for the fellowship program.  White shared his experience with me on numerous occasions.  White took the time to talk with me beforehand which grew my desire to apply.

After finding out I had been accepted, White was excited for me and then was assigned as my mentor.  I have been able to sit alongside White at DECA events, in ACTE board meetings, and at conferences during the past year.  He is able to introduce me to others within ACTE, answer questions that I had, and root for me along the way.

The value of having a mentor is invaluable to fellows. Fellows in ACTE are scattered throughout geographically.   Mentors many times are located within the same state which is nice for state events and even region events.  Mentors also have connections within those geographical areas which is convenient.

In August my mentor received a promotion and has changed professions.  With all the changes in his life, White has always remained just a phone call away. This type of support is what has helped me grow over the last year during my fellowship.  I am now the president elect and have a desire to continue my involvement within Region IV.  I have learned many new faces and now feel confident within my role for ACTE.