FACS career paths for students

In contemplating what it was I wanted to write about when It came to career paths for FACS students I began with the obvious ones. The students from our culinary programs go on to fields in the culinary and hospitality industry. They participate in community college training on the job training and post secondary degrees. The students in our child development Early child hood education and teaching courses go on to work with children in a variety of aspects. They become teachers, child psychologists, or Special Education personal in a variety of capacities.The fashion merchandising students can go anywhere from fashion buyers for large clothing chains to fashion designers and a large amount of jobs in between.

There are numerous opportunities in the obvious career paths but then there are the students who go through FACS classes and become inspired by the life skills, soft skills and real world experiences that are an integral part of curriculum. One previous student who now has a career in real estate said, “I think the biggest thing that stuck out to me were like the “real life” experiences that I had were through your class that I took where we shadowed at daycare’s. I learned a lot there. I learned a lot that I can apply to my future career but also in my personal life and whenever I decide to have kids.” Another student who has gone on to working towards her special education degree said FACS classes were, “what helped me decide my path! Your field experience class and pre-teaching class definitely helped me decide my career path because through that semester I got to work with children and realized that I had a passion working with children!”

Careers in a variety of industries are directly related to FACS classes but students who go through FACS classes gain knowledge and skills they can utilize in all fields.