Equality in CTE

Over the years I have come to know that there are different types of equality when it comes to Career and Technical Education. I will say that I have seen each one get better with time. I also know they can still be improved, but it will continue to take our hard work and dedication.


  • Students wishing to go to college do not need a CTE endorsement. WRONG

I have had valedictorians, salutatorians and Star Students in my CTE programs and I believe this has only made them a more valuable marketable asset to all employers. The programs they completed and the skills they gained not only helped them support themselves while they were in school but they also learn skills they will use all of their lives.


  • Nontraditional Students

I have seen much improvement in this area over the years.

We do continue to recruit nontraditional students in all programs.

We arrange tours so that students may tour all our programs. We also invite guest speakers that are considered nontraditional in their field. A Career Fair is held each year so that students may be introduced to all types of business and industry as well as educational institutions.


  • Then let us not forget (Equality, Academic verses CTE).

On this subject, I might repeat myself when I say both are important!

I do not believe that a student should have to choose between academics or career and technical. Scheduling should allow access to both academic classes as well as CTE programs. I know and I have seen from experience that a student that is a CTE Completer is a more valuable marketable asset to all employers.


I am a believer and supporter of Career and Technical Education!