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Educators in Action is a blog for educators, by educators. The posts in Educators in Action are provided by our Board, Fellows, State Leaders, and Award winners. If you have any questions about the blog, please contact Leslie Reardon for more information!

  • How Do You Think About STEM?

    Robin McLean is the 2013 ACTE Teacher of the Year. Here she discusses digging deeper into STEM, even when these subjects challenge us!

    Posted by Application Administrator at 9/2/2014 2:24:05 PM

  • Cara LeGrys on the 21st Century CTE Classroom

    ACTE Fellow Cara LeGrys has had quite the journey with technology since she began teaching marketing education in 1992! Read about how things have evolved since then, and why it’s still important.

    Posted by Application Administrator at 8/19/2014 1:03:34 PM

  • Here’s The Main Idea, But I Digress

    Robin McLean is the 2013 ACTE Teacher of the Year. Here, she reflects on avenues to explore CTE in the 21st Century classroom – it’s bigger than just “the latest technology gadget”

    Posted by Application Administrator at 8/12/2014 1:37:46 PM

  • Briana Morton on the 21st Century CTE Classroom

    Briana Lynn Morton is the 2014 ACTE Outstanding New Career and Technical Teacher. Find out her favorite ways to combine CTE and today’s technology, and why it’s important!

    Posted by Application Administrator at 8/19/2014 1:02:39 PM

  • Things Go Better With Snow, Even NPS 2014!

    ACTE Fellow Michel Culwell discusses attending NPS2014.

    Posted by Application Administrator at 4/30/2014 11:43:56 AM

  • National Policy Seminar: A First Timer’s Perspective

    2014 ACTE Fellow Cara LeGrys discusses her first experiences at a National Policy Seminar.

    Posted by Application Administrator at 4/30/2014 11:43:56 AM

  • GACTE Continues to be on the Cusp of Great Things

    The Georgia Association of Career and Technical Education serves as a platform to foster leadership, program development, advocacy, policy development, professional development, and networking opportunities for its members in Georgia. Over 2,500 members attended the conference with the premise of promoting career and technical education.

    Posted by Application Administrator at 1/7/2014 12:34:17 PM

  • Literacy + CTE = College and Career Readiness

    Each year, I always like to step outside my box and attend a professional development training that does not specifically relate to my career path. This year, I chose to attend an institute that was hosted by our state department of education. I am happy to report that it was well worth my time.

    Posted by Application Administrator at 12/19/2013 11:15:08 PM

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